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Testosterone BioPrint


  • Easy to follow, 2-3 page bio blueprint for more testosterone, naturally
  • Simple "plug and play" guide, no complex science. Just print off and follow
  • Complete diet, training, supplement and recovery guide. Everything is covered!
  • Used by physicians, functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, physical therapists & fitness professionals because it's EASY to follow. They just print it off and give it to clients!
  • Instantly download & backed by my 30 days 100% money back guarantee
  • The Maker
  • Details

Jimmy Smith is a self professed human optimization nerd. What does that mean? He knows how his body, mind and well being is impacted by what he puts into his body. Anything less than an efficient “machine” and Jimmy doesn’t feel well. He took this same concept to create a brand of all natural, artificial sweetener free supplements to aid others and support their day, wherever that takes them.

What Are The Benefits Of The Physique Formula Adrenal Fatigue Supplement

  • Herbal adrenal fatigue supplements for adrenal fatigue and helps to maintain a optimal response to intense stress and training.
  • Potent cortisol supplements to increase recovery.
  • Proven adrenal fatigue supplements in effective herbal and vitamin combinations.
  • Powerful adaptogenic herb supplement blend to aid in your bodies natural recovery process
  • All natural herbs to help support active lifestyles.
  • Adrenal fatigue treatment with Relora, Rhodiola Extract,Green Tea Extract,Ashwagandha Extract,Holy Basil Extract,Reishi Mushroom, Banaba Extract
  • 100% Made In The USA. Maximum Potency And Quality.
  • Use the bottle and if you feel it doesn't work for whatever reason, we'll give you your money back.
  • We make customer service EASY. You'll speak with a REAL person in the United States shortly after your order is placed so we can ensure you get the results you want.

Stress is extremely harmful on the body and impacts multiple aspects of your day from your digestive health to your bodyweight to your mental clarity. Chronic stress exposure also negatively impacts your thyroid, metabolism and increases anxiety and depressive symptoms. Jimmy Smith created Adrenal Support to aid your stress response system, your adrenal glands. This unique blend of herbs, vitamins and nutrients can help energize your day and reduce the side effects of stress. Proudly made in the USA.


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