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Physique Formula Xtreme Athleticism Workout

Physique Formula Xtreme Athleticism Workout

What's the key to developing a leaner, healthier body?

It's not lifting MORE weight.

It's not losing MORE bodyfat

It's not gaining more lean muscle.

It's not running more miles.

It's all of the above plus flexibility.

Increasing your aerobic capacity can lead to powerful breakthroughs in every training ability.

Want to increase your deadlift? Get more athletic.

Want to squat more? Get more athletic

Want to gain more muscle? Get more athletic

And I'll show you how to do it in just 4 weeks.

  • An ideal training program that develops functional strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and explosiveness EQUALLY
  • The ONE trick that Crossfit athletes know about getting ripped…that you DON’T
  • A 4 week workout for tighter abs and better conditioning..

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