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Physique Formula Ultimate Chest Workout

Physique Formula Ultimate Chest Workout

Here's What You'll Uncover In The Physique Formula Ultimate Chest Workout

  • My full 12 week chest workout for radical and hyper pec growth.
  • The 4 proven chest builders that you AREN’T doing (hint:it’s not the bench press)
  • Why your shoulders always seem to hurt you after your workout and what to do about it.
  • The precise rest periods schemes that will rapidly increase your results
  • How the flat barbell bench press is actually making you weaker and smaller
  • Who says cable exercises can’t make your chest grow? I’ll show you how.
  • How to make every set of dips 2-3 times more effective immediately
  • How I’m able to tweak my chest workouts each time to encourage more pec growth in 12 weeks then most people see in 1 year!
  • Why the incline barbell press might be the WORST thing for your chest workout

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