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Physique Formula Ultimate Back Workout

Physique Formula Ultimate Back Workout

  • The exact, french strongman arm technique that literally forces your back to double in strength over four weeks.
  • My step-by-step program that guarantees that you’ll develop a better looking back in 12 weeks without dangerous supplements or grueling long workouts.
  • How to avoid picking the wrong back exercises so you’ll see progress right away
  • The overlooked, yet powerful way to force your back into growth so you never have puny traps and lats again
  • Why you should give up on pulldowns for the rest of your life if you want muscular arms
  • 3 easy ways to make cable exercises more effective (plus how to fix what you’re doing wrong now)
  • My favorite lat exercise tweaks so you can finally build your entire back.
  • How I’m able to slightly modify the most commonly used back exercises so you can experience the same explosive growth and pump.
  • How a quick change of wrist position can dramatically alter your lat growth

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