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Physique Formula Performance Nutrition Book

Physique Formula Performance Nutrition Book

What Will You Discover In The Physique Formula?


Long term caloric restriction just flat out DOESN’T work. It attempts to make fat loss a math problem. The FACT is, when you restrict calories and eliminate certain foods from your diet, all you’re left with is INTENSE hunger and the metabolism of a SLOTH.

This creates an interesting problem however. If you have to create a caloric deficit to lose fat but a diet with less calories is BAD for long term body composition then how do you create a favorable fat loss environment?

The Solution:Experience The Physique Formula

Do you want to read 767 research papers on insulin sensitivity, cortisol regulation, leptin resistance, epigenetics, and lipolysis?

Do you want to take the long hours working with 536 clients including over 130 physique competitors, 15 elite mixed martial artists and 1 world champion to “perfect” a system so that everyone can benefit, not just elite athletes?

I have…

As I continued to work with elite athletes and physique competitors I got neck deep in fat loss research. I read countless hard to find metabolism and hormones journal, I interviewed hundreds of doctors and other functional medicine practitioners. Along the way I develop a POWERFUL line of thinking—to question EVERYTHING that we BLINDLY accepted as fact…

Fitness magazines and big supplement companies WANT you to turn a blind eye and eat the same garbage and use the same low calorie, restrictive diets so you get so frustrated that you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to turn to their OVERPRICED and WORTHLESS fat burners….

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