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Physique Formula High Quality 500 mg Bovine-Derived Colostrum Capsules

Physique Formula High Quality 500 mg Bovine-Derived Colostrum Capsules. Maximum Strength To Help Leaky Gut Intestinal Permeability Syndrome, Boost Immune System & Reduce Inflammation

  • High Quality Bovine Derived Colostrum- Made from Grade A, Dairy cows. Certified cGMP, corn, gluten, nut and soy free.
  • Maximum Strength Natural Colostrum: High in biologically active proteins , immunoglobulins and lactoferrin.
  • May Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome & Intestinal Permeability: Studies show Colostrum may heal and prevent leaky gut syndrome and intestinal permeability. This Paleo Approved product can help fix your gut.
  • Boosts Immune System: Colostrum has a unique ability to help repair and boost immune system function by helping the GI tract.
  • Fights Inflammation: Since Physique Formula Colostrum is high in biologically active protein it can also help fight inflammation.
  • We make customer service EASY. You'll speak with a REAL person in the United States shortly after your order is placed so we can ensure you get the results you want.

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