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Physique Formula HE REX: Natural Herbal Testosterone Booster Supplement For Men

What Are The Benefits Of HE-REX?

  • All Natural Herbal Testosterone Booster For Men. With a combination of herbs such as tribulus, organic maca root, tongkat, these herbal nutrients have been selected for purity and effectiveness. 
  • Natural Herbal Testosterone Boosting Supplement:A month's supply of natural herbs shown in studies to support training in active men with eurycoma longifolia jack,horny goat weed,american ginseng root, panax ginseng root and muira puma.
  • All Natural Testosterone Booster For Men: Studies have shown that the nutrients in He-REX may promote positive libido boosting benefits such as increased energy, stamina, muscle, strength, recovery, mood and  sleep.

  • Studies suggest the naturally occurring bioactive compounds found in HE-REX may promote lean muscle mass and improved energy levels.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We're not in the business of making crazy claims, try HE REX and if you don't love it we'll refund your order.
  • We make customer service EASY. You'll speak with a REAL person in the United States shortly after your order is placed so we can ensure you get the results you want.



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    • After how many days I can see result? after taking your he rex physique formula.

      That's an impossible question to answer since it depends on your effort in the gym, consistency with good nutrition and recovery. The Physique Formula will always be a 100% transparent company, our products work and are backed by science but they can only supplement your efforts in the gym and the kitchen, not replace them.
      Jimmy Smith, President, The Physique Formula

    • any side effects

      Physique Formula He Rex was designed with all natural herbs that work WITH your body and not against. 
      Jimmy Smith, President, The Physique Formula

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