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I think it's critically important, as a business owner, to EARN your customers business. I also think it's important for you to know what The Physique Formula stands for.

The Physique Formula brand of supplements was designed with a unique goal in mind, to deliver cutting edge supplement and vitamin formulas without artificial sweeteners, corn, gluten, soy, fillers or additives. As a former college basketball player our founder, Jimmy Smith, used a variety of sports supplements to boost his performance and improve his physique but he found himself continually running into the same problem.

The new supplements with all of the cutting edge science behind them typically came from bodybuilding brands who seemed to be more concerned with cutting corners and profit margins by loading their products up with soy, gluten, chemicals, artificial sweeteners and potentially harmful additives. Conversely, the more natural or cleaner supplements on the market were, and still are, generally antiquated and could not supply innovative products that resulted in performance and physique changes.

With the primary focus being health followed closely by performance, The Physique Formula brand was created to meet the demands of health conscious consumers and athletes who wanted to perform and look better without compromising their health by using products packed with artificial additives, sweeteners, soy and gluten.

Physique Formula products are designed with the latest clinical and scientific research in mind and are only manufactured in facilities with industry leading quality certifications including third party, independent Good Manufacturing Processes testing while being FDA compliant.

What’s On The Label Is In The Bottle & What’s In The Bottle Is On The Label

Physique Formula supplements are available at over one hundred Crossfit boxes, gyms, physical therapy and yoga studios and natural markets across the United States. They are also available on the official Physique Formula website, and will soon be available on

In addition, numerous Physique Formula supplements have be awarded the hard to achieve “Amazon recommends” badge on due to a combination of sales volume and positive customer feedback. Furthering his commitment to a natural performance life style, Jimmy Smith has also started a brand of organic foods, named after his World War II veteran grandfather, Shimbos, to fuel health conscious individuals and athletes organically.


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