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About Us

The Physique Formula is a natural supplement company created by a guy who thought he wasn't performing optimally. First and foremost, all Physique Formula products are designed with the highest quality nutrients available today and every customer should expect industry leading support, education and personalization with each order. As a result, those who use Physique Formula products have a greater opportunity to reach their goals, feel better and look better. Secondly, all Physique Formula products are manufactured with full compliance to the most stringent industry standards and are third party independent testing to ensure label accuracy.

Who’s This Jimmy Guy Anyway?

Oh, that’s me…

My name is Jimmy Smith and I am the president of The Physique Formula and Shimbo’s organic foods (which you can also find on this site). I started these brands out of dissatisfaction for what was available at the time. I found myself researching nutrients and vitamins for hours yet when it came time to buy, I had to purchase everything separately. At one point I was choking down 30 vitamins a day. So I knew that there was a better way.

And I was recommending other brands because I KNEW the vitamins or minerals could help them but I couldn’t 100% believe in the product because I also knew how the BIG supplement companies REALLY worked,

You see, most supplement companies and vitamin stores cut corners with nutrients and do anything they can to increase their profits. The second you buy from them, they forget about you.

To The Physique Formula, you ARE NOT just another order.

You’re a person with goals.

That’s why EVERY order comes with FREE support from a team of personal trainers, nutritionists and other professionals to HELP you.

How many other supplement companies would give you DIRECT access to the president?

None but everyone that orders gets support from ME directly too

How many vitamin stores provide video support telling you EXACTLY how to use the products that you just purchased to get the best possible results?

NONE but everyone that orders EVERY time gets easy to follow video guides.

The Physique Formula Difference

What’s that?

If a business is willing to cut corners to get your business then they will cut corners once they have it.

We know that you want high quality products with exceptional customer support so rest assure that we will give it to you every day.

But we also know that you want to know WHY a certain product is good for you.

Or WHY a certain exercise is better than another.

That’s what we give you in our articles, podcasts and videos.

But we also know that you are skeptical and that’s okay.

EVERY order comes with our 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your order for ANY reason, within 30 days of your purchase, just email us and we’ll refund your order, every red cent (and we’ll still be friends).

So that a look around our site. Hit the “Contact Us” button if you want to say “hi” and ask us a question.