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3 Big Diet Mythes (And Why They Don't Work) - Physique Formula

3 Big Diet Mythes (And Why They Don't Work)

Is there a better way of dieting that allows you to eat what you want, when you want while improving your digestion & sleep?

What if this mysterious way of eating can help you optimize your thyroid and hormone health while giving you better day to day energy and greater fat loss?

Can you imagine that it ALL is REALLY possible, if you’ll just pick up on the clues that your body is ALWAYS giving you?

What if I told you that everything you’ve read about your metabolism is wrong? And I can prove it to you in 3 steps.

You see there’s a lot of trainers, nutritionists and coaches offering customized programs online for bodybuilding, figure, fitness, physique, mma, crossfit and endurance events.

Each camp has their own “hook”.

Intermittent fasting

Carbohydrate Cycling
Ketogenic Diets
MacroNutrient counting
Low Carbohydrates
Calorie Counting


But do you know what’s REALLY Frustrating?

All of these coaches have SO MANY RULES!

Don’t eat carbohydrates with fat!
Eat a lot of carbohydrates with breakfast
Eat ALL of your carbohydrates at night
Don’t eat after 6:00 pm!
Eat 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight!
Put butter in your coffee!
Eat high protein and high fat during the week and only eat carbs on the weekend
Don’t eat gluten!
Have a refeed day twice a week
Eat different amounts of carbohydrates every day.

Doesn’t all of that sound exhausting? Who can really remember if they are suppose to eat 200 grams of carbohydrates when they ate 20 grams yesterday?

My BIGGEST Frustration is that NONE of these coaches really care about the HEALTH of their clients. Some even advise their clients on illegal drug use.

They are so focused on telling the client EXACTLY what they should or shouldn’t eat that they NEVER take the time to look at their clients blood work or even understand how things like gut, thyroid or adrenal health can impact their clients physiques or performance.

Isn’t that important? Especially if you hire some to help you lose fat, shouldn’t they understand the complex processes that may cause your hormones to be out of whack or that prevent you from losing fat DESPITE all the cardio that you do and calories that you don’t eat?

More cardio and less calories is NEVER the answer

Do you know what the answer is? LISTENING TO YOUR BODY

Fat Loss Myth #1 You Have To Track Your Calories

Calorie counting, IIFYM & Macro counting ONLY exists because clients are under the impression that they HAVE to know EVERY little detail about the food that they eat. The media tells us that it’s the ONLY way we’ll ever get lean.

Well if fat loss is simply eating less calories than we burn then why are we the fattest, as a country, that we’ve ever been?

And if that’s really the case, eat nothing and do a lot of cardio.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Calorie counting of any kind PREVENTS you from actually listening to your body.

From actually paying attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods and how you perform WITHOUT certain foods.

Because when you can listen to your body and see how you progress every day THEN you can CONTINUALLY see results.

But if you’re stuck eating certain macros nutrients EVERY…SINGLE…DAY…you’ll never tap into your true fat burning potential…

As a matter of fact, you’ll make things SLOWER & HARDER

Fat Loss Myth #2: Your Metabolism Isn't Static
You don’t have to eat the same calories, or macronutrients or even follow the same diet every day.

Your body and hormones don’t work that way.

(That's Monica Brant, I Worked On Her Diet)


And your metabolism won’t "slow down" if you eat less carbohydrates one day than you do the next.

What will slow down is your fat loss, is if you do the same things every day and ignore your body.

Your metabolism isn't static, it doesn't want same incoming calories daily or even need them. And it certainly doesn't want a yo-yo type of dieting either.

Fat Loss Myth #3: You Can’t Out Diet Or Out Train A Bad Hormonal Environment

So many physique coaches make this mistake. They assume that just lowering their clients food while upping their activity will get results. It only works for a small percentage ONE TIME…for the rest, we suffer through hours of times and starvation for sub-optimal results.

Why are there so many physique competitors or high level Crossfit athletes who, are a few successful times, can no longer get leaner?

Your thyroid, gut, immune system, sleep, inflammation and hormones…they ALL matter when it comes to helping you get abs.

Did you know that there’s a popular gut condition, I bet you have it RIGHT NOW........

that raises the stress hormone cortisol which in turn causes your body to release MORE blood glucose into your blood stream EVEN IF YOU EAT ZERO CARBOHYDRATES. So your body releases MORE insulin and it’s like you’re on a high carb diet all of a sudden…yep fat loss stalls.

So you can EITHER get used to spending more time on the treadmill or hire me for in-depth, personalized nutrition, training and recovery coaching.

This is for serious individuals only. You get to work with me, Jimmy Smith, directly. Not some random person I trained.

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