The Monica Brant Collection

Throughout the years, Monica Brant has been a motivational and informative figure in the world of both competitive fitness and healthy living. As you can imagine, I was really excited when I got to "know" her a few years ago online and she asked me to help her with her nutrition.

Any complete physique or performance plan includes 4 critical pillars-training, nutrition, recovery and supplementation.

Regardless of the stage or level of your training or physique, small tweaks to any of the core 4 pillars can have a profound impact on your results.

Small hinges swing big doors.

Below, in "The Monica Brant Collection", you'll find the products that Monica Brant has personally used to optimize her performance and physique.

All Natural BCAAs with Betaine & More to gain lean muscle, increase muscle recovery, improve strength & endurance.

Ultra Probiotic 8 to improve gut health, rebalance good bacteria and increase immune system health. This probiotic has 8 DIFFERENT types of probiotics which is KEY!

Shimbo's Organic Coconut Oil for quality healthy fats to optimize brain health and provide lasting energy.

LEAN, our natural caffeine free fat burner to help expend a few extra calories.

Glucose Support for its ability to optimize blood sugar levels and heighten insulin sensitivity to create a more efficient fat burning-muscle building environment.

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