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The Physique Formula is a 100% natural supplement line without artificial sweeteners. We believe in the numerous research studies that show negative and potentially harmful effects of artificial sweeteners on brain, gut and hormonal health. Supplements without artificial sweeteners have added value. Furthermore, we feel that since there are no known advantages or value in using artificial sweeteners, why would you choose to put anything artificial into your body in the first place?

While other companies cut corners and try to produce products the cheapest (for them) and fastest way by using artificial sweeteners, The Physique Formula goes through rounds of testing in quality controlled  FDA certified, GMP accredited and NSF verified facilitates to produce the highest quality natural products to fuel your training, lifestyle and day.

Have you ever read any positive benefits of artificial sweeteners? No! No one has because positive benefits from consuming artificial sweeteners doesn't exist. So if you won't get any positive benefit by consuming artificial sweeteners, what are you missing out by removing them from your diet? NOTHING

Artificial sweeteners may increase weight gain

Artificial sweeteners were designed to taste sweet without calories. Studies have shown that artificial sweetener consumption increases appetite and leads to weight gain since they confuse the brain into thinking you are still hungry. Artificial sweeteners may even cause you to crave sugar!

Artificial sweeteners negatively impact gut health

A healthy gut is directly linked to health hormone profiles, good energy levels and general overall healthy aging.

Artificial sweeteners have been shown to disrupt gut bacteria which leads to poor blood sugar control.

You have to understand that once our protective gut lining is damaged from artificial sweetener consumption, our entire body is thrown off including our hormone function. This is how artificial sweeteners indirectly lead to decreased hormone health.

Artificial sweeteners may increase headaches

Some studies have shown that artificial sweeteners may play an individual role in causing headaches depending on the individual.


My question is, what if there were supplements without artificial sweeteners that tasted good, delivered results and were manufactured in America?

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