Collection: BCAAS With Stevia Without Artificial Sweeteners

Why did I decide to make The Physique Formula BCAAS  with stevia and without artificial sweeteners? Simply put, if you want a higher performing body that looks the way you want it to look, you can’t afford to put artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame in your body.


Let’s think about this for a second, regardless of your goals, when you’re buying a supplement you want to get results from using it, right? Well then why would you choose a product with artificial sweeteners which are linked to blood sugar problems, headaches and the growth of bad gut bacteria?

It’s crazy when you think about it right? Physique Formula BCAAS with stevia and without artificial sweeteners was designed with betaine, taurine, citrulline and glutamine to boost your intra-workout energy and post workout recovery


What are the advantages of stevia sweetened BCAAS?

Stevia improves blood sugar levels and also decreases triglycerides and “bad” LDL cholesterol while boosting HDL “good” cholesterol


BCAAS have been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown, decrease the stress hormone cortisol during workouts and kick start the muscle building process. Since BCAAS, unlike the amino acids in food or whey protein, act directly on skeletal muscle tissue, not only does BCAA supplementation increase recovery but anyone with any type of gut problems won’t have their stomach irritated.


Betaine was added after a 2013 College of Springfield study found that people who weight trained and used betaine twice per day (in the amount found in Physique Formula BCAAS with stevia) increased their muscle mass by 4 pounds, arm size by 10 percent and decrease their body fat!


Citrulline malate is used in this artificial sweetener free bcaa because it increases intra-workout endurance.


Taurine is included because it has been shown to reduce muscle soreness


Glutamine was added since it not only increases the effectiveness of BCAAS but it also supplies energy to working muscle.


Physique Formula BCAAS with stevia was formulated in 4 delicious flavors- Grape, Lemon Lime, Watermelon and Orange- to not only taste great but produce results.

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