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BCAAS & Keto:Using BCAAS On A Ketogenic Diet - Physique Formula

Is it possible to use branched chain amino acid supplements on a ketogenic diet? The answer is YES! What many nutritionists, bloggers or trainers don't know about BCAAs is that they are ketogenic amino acids which means that they do not negatively increase your insulin levels. Leucine, isoleucine and valine, the three BCAAS, can help the ketogenic dieter not only stay in ketosis but thrive on their ketogenic diet and maintain more muscle mass.

This paper points to how BCAAS could be therapeutic agents in helping to manage blood sugar. How is this possible? You see when you consume carbohydrates like white bread, you get TWO phases of an insulin response.

The first phase happens as you CHEW or DRINK your food. It's almost instant and is a short phase insulin response to the incoming nutrients that your gut is going to digest. This instant response comes then quickly exits the body,

The second phase is where the problem starts. This is what we typically think when we talk about carbs, body fat and insulin.

So what are the roles of BCAAS? BCAAS only result in that first insulin response which is merely a signal to your gut to "get ready" to digest food. 

There is NO negative insulin response to BCAAS. BCAAS are safe to be consumed on a ketogenic diet,it will keep you in ketosis. There is even emerging evidence that shows that BCAAS, particularly leucine, may even help ketone bodies get to the brain more efficiently!


Plus Physique Formula BCAAS are artificial sweetener free and sugar free!