The Man's Guide To Building & Gaining Muscle

Often times men who purchase The Physique Formula Active Men’s Multivitamin are looking to make a positive change in their health, build muscle and burn fat. A multivitamin is a great way to start as it ensures that all your nutritional bases are covered. Studies will verify that nutritional deficiencies in just a few select vitamins such as D and E have a profound impact on on overall health and performance. Once your basis are covered with your multi vitamin, you can now reassess your diet and training to build muscle

There is NOTHING complex or advanced about eating to gain lean muscle. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand or follow. Unfortunately, the fitness magazines like to confuse things since their magazine is paid for by supplement advertising. Let’s keep things simple because simple things done daily produce fantastic results.

For now, following these rules that I outline below will be like your northern star. If you ever get confused, just follow these simple 5 rules and you’ll always be on the right track.

Rule #1: Eat upwards of 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight to build muscle

It has been long established that protein builds muscle, protein IS muscle. Sadly, most people go too far and recommend upwards of two grams of protein per pound of body weight. That’s way too much. You will see noticeable muscle growth by hitting 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight when you want to gain muscle. Your body will respond very favorably to quick changes in your protein intake.

How else do Hollywood stars gain muscle so quickly? They aren’t ingesting protein then all of a sudden they are having shakes and bars during the day.

(See the protein rotation theory above or a different point of view on protein intake if you want to try that).

A rough measurement tool is your open hand. That’s how much protein you should eat every meal. It should be the size of an open hand and you MUST have protein with every meal. You must eat protein frequently in order to gain muscle.

The following protein options are the best based on how digestible they are and how many micronutrients that they provide

Grass fed beef: I’d prefer that you stay away from commercially raised beef as it has various harmful chemicals and toxins stored in it. Grass fed beef is higher in omega 3 fats which reduce inflammation and joint pain. Most Whole Foods carry grass fed beef. If you can’t find it aim to purchase organic beef.
Organic turkey and chicken
Wild caught fish such as salmon, tilipia, halibut swordfish or canned tuna. Wild caught fish is high in omega 3 fats. Many grocery stores will sell fish labeled “Atlantic caught” or “Farm raised”. Save your money and avoid these.
Cottage Cheese
Greek yogurt or regular yogurt: Aim to purchase yogurt that is low in sugar. This is easily attained by purchasing plain, unflavored yogurt
Whey protein

Rule #2: Eat starchy carbohydrates with breakfast, pre and post workout and with dinner

Many individuals are too afraid of carbohydrates. Let me be very clear, it is HARD to gain muscle without starchy carbohydrates. That doesn’t mean that you are allowed to follow a see-food diet. No, this isn’t some bulking recommendation where you gain pounds of fat.

By eating a select amount of starchy carbohydrates with breakfast, pre and post workout and with dinner your body will always have tiny pulses of insulin that encourage muscle growth. Insulin is the bodies most ANABOLIC, muscle building, hormone and we should NOT be afraid of eating tiny amounts during the course of the day

How much should you eat? The size of a closed fist.

The best options for starchy carbohydrates include
Any long grain rice
Any bread that goes stale in a day or two. Do not buy bread that stays fresh for days

Rule #3: Get your carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits the rest of the time

Since you’re only consuming starchy carbohydrates around those four golden times, you should aim to include one serving of fruits and vegetables with each meal where you do not consume starchy carbohydrates.

The best options include

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
Swiss chard

The best fruits includes

Any Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

You can buy any fresh or frozen fruit and mix it with vanilla whey protein and a plain greek yogurt once per day for a very nutritious shake. I recommend you do it at least once per day with 12 ounce of water. This is a fantastic muscle building shake.

Rule # 4: Aim to include a moderate amount of fat with each meal

The role of fat in our body is to control inflammation and produce raw materials for hormone health. On top of that, good fats increase cell communication, cell membrane health, body composition and heart health.

The trick is to balance your fats accordingly among three types, saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Our issues arise when we overconsume certain types of fats while under eating others. Most people cook with omega-6 fats that raise pro inflammatory hormones known as cytokines. When our cytokine levels are high we’ll see increased joint pain, increased likelihood of muscle tears, reduced workout recovery , heart disease and a greater tendency to get sick.

We will also experience faster muscle and strength loss as omega-6 fats raise catabolic hormones that accelerate muscle protein breakdown.

Fortunately, omega-3 fats do all the opposites that omega-6 fats do and fight the good fight.

How much fat should we eat with each meal? A good measurement is the entire length of your thumb for nut butters or a medium sized handful of nuts or seeds

The best fat sources include

Extra virgin olive oil
Various cheeses
Organic or grass fed bacon
Any fat coming from grass fed meats
Pasture raised butter
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Natural peanut butter or almond butter
Any nuts but especially almonds, walnuts, macademia nut and cashews
Macademia nut oil

Another fantastic smoothie that you can make daily is the following

-1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter
-2 tablespoons of cottage cheese
-3-4 ice cubs
-12 ounces of water
-1 scoop of whey protein

This shake MAY lead to fat gain so use it sparingly.

The amount of fat that you eat is not very critical since fat provides the RAW materials for hormone health. Don’t go crazy with your fat consumption but don’t shy away from it either.

Rule #5: Drink only water, green or black tea and coffee

Most individuals do not nearly hydrate themselves enough. On top of that soda, milk and juices contain harmful sugars and high fructose corn syrup. You don’t have to eliminate juices or sodas, just reduce them. Green and black tea both have numerous health and joint benefits. For your tea and coffee, only put a small drop of milk in them and sweeten them with the natural sweetener stevia.

Do you enjoy iced coffee? Get some iced coffee once per day and add 1-2 scoops of chocolate or vanilla whey and shake it up. It makes for a fantastic muscle building shake due to the combination of coffee’s antioxidants and whey.

A Major Consequence Of Following Popular Diets

This is where I want this manual to differ. When you follow popular diets you do just that, you follow a diet. There’s no wiggle room. Well, life gets in the way.

I give you choices with each meal, you don’t have to stick to those. Don’t want potatoes? Fine, have a sandwich. The wiggle room in this program allows for you to “come off” every now and then and STILL see results. It’s not about being strict to a diet plan.

Following any popular diet will actually make it easier for you to QUIT because those diets don’t account for life. They force you to stick to THEIR schedule. I want you to eat for YOU

Advanced Protein Trick: Protein Rotation

Here’s something that’s going to tick people off. people typically eat too much protein without realizing that quick fluxes can result in fast muscle gain! The protein rotation theory proves that more muscle is grown when individuals consume LARGE doses of protein over what normally is consumed.

It’s just like weight lifting, when you use a training method that’s new and heavier you get stronger and gain muscle. If the new program uses dropsets or other intensity techniques and you use them, you get sore all over again. If you just slightly raise your protein, you won’t get the same benefit. Increasingly raising your protein doesn’t have a direct relationship with muscle gain. Though magazines like to force feed it down our throat.

You obviously can’t just keep raising your protein higher each day. By dropping and raising your protein, you can actually see noticeable results quickly. The research was done on subjects who, like Hollywood stars, were eating a fairly low amount of protein to begin with. This exciting piece of research shows that rotating your protein can help to accelerate your goals.

But you’ll have to consume about 100 grams extra of protein per day to achieve this. How do you do it? For the first 4 weeks of this program, consume just one gram of protein per pound of body weight. If you weigh 180 pounds then you eat 180 grams of protein each day. For the next 8 weeks, go upward to one and a half or two grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you weigh 180 pounds then you should be up to around 250 grams of protein or so per day.

Are you already eating that much now? Good! Your body is sensitive to protein changes so dropping to one gram should show some good results.

Fasting and Muscle Gain

Intermittent fasting can potentially have numerous weight maintenance, fat loss, anti-aging and health benefits but it’s NOT for everyone looking to gain muscle. While our anabolic hormones will be higher during a fast, we have NO nutrients coming in. If we don’t have nutrients in our body then our body can’t make new muscle tissue.

Simple enough right?

You don’t have to eat every 2-3 hours but trying to fast multiple days per week won’t result in positive muscle gain. Remember, to gain muscle we need to be in a positive protein balance.

What I personally do is fast on Tuesday and Thursdays when I’m attempting to build muscle. Those are two randomly selected days but I do not train on those days so my need for protein is lower. Pick two days that you do not perform any heavy weight training and fast during those days until noon. Your first meal after you break the fast should be a normal meal. That is, don’t combine two meals together.