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The Crossfit Vitamin - Physique Formula

The Crossfit Vitamin

by James Smith April 30, 2017

The Crossfit Vitamin


My name is Jimmy Smith and I'm the nutrition coach to a BUNCH of high level Crossfit athletes.

And when they come to me for their diet they all THINK they are looking to learn the proper macros to eat.

Or what supplements to take.

Or what they should eat post workout.

And those are all great questions...

But the best question is what they AREN'T asking...

What are they deficient in? That's the $ question.

And after I recommend blood work, they ALL come back with low levels of Vitamin D3.


We all think of creatine or protein or fish oil as supplements that boost performance, and they do, but Vitamin D3 is the Crossfitters vitamin.

And SOOOOOOO many people are WRONG about Vitamin D3

You CAN'T get enough from being outside all day with your shirt off.

Our body VERY poorly absorbs Vitamin D from the sun..

We can't turn it into the active D3..only plants can do that.

And it's extremely hard to get Vitamin D in foods and again, it's NOT D3.

This is the scary part, you won't even know if you are low in Vitamin D until it's TOO LATE

At that point you'll be sluggish and your performance in the gym will STINK.

Even slow dips in vitamin D blood levels will have a profound daily impact on your energy and hormones.


Listen, you signed up for this email newsletter for CONTENT and I'm going to start sending you some videos and podcasts to help you look and feel better..

But you NEED to start supplementing with Vitamin D3 TODAY so I put The Physique Formula NON GMO Vitamin D3 on sale for just $12.00

Yep, 4 months of Vitamin D3 for just $12.00 or just $3.00 a month for better hormone production and energy.

Cool right?
  • Physique Formula Vitamin D3 contains 5,000 IU in organic extra virgin and is NON-GMO to deliver you the best absorbing Vitamin D3 around without artificial junk.
  • Studies suggest a positive relationship between higher blood levels of Vitamin D and lower risks of certain cancers.Up to 60% of people living in the United States are estimated to be deficient in Vitamin D.
  • Provides essential immune system and bone support.
  • Formulated gluten free and non goo and backed by our iron glad 100% money back guarantee.
  • Vitamin D3, according to studies, promotes healthy muscle function and recovery from intense activity.
Any questions?

4 Months Of Greater Performance For Just $12.00


James Smith
James Smith


That's me, Jimmy Smith and this is my website and the Physique Formula is my brand and it's 100% all natural and artificial sweetener free

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