Digestive & Systemic Enzymes Benefits

What if I told you that a class of supplements exist that can help you build muscle, feel & perform better and fight bloating? You’d consider using them right? Well that’s why I formulated The Physique Formula Performance Enzymes.

What are digestive enzymes?

As we eat food, our body begins to digest and break down what we ate so that it can extract the nutrients from the meal. The chicken breast you ate contains amino acids that your body needs to break down and the olive oil on your salad contains fatty acids that your body needs to absorb to form cholesterol. As we chew we naturally produce more saliva which is actually the first step in the digestive process.

Once we swallow, our body produces digestive enzymes from our pancreas and small intestine who’s job it is to break down the food so our bodies can absorb the nutrients.

Now the obvious question is why we need to supplement with digestive enzymes to begin, right?

Well a variety of common issues today can result in decreased enzyme function.

*Everyday inflammation in our digestive tract caused by leaky gut syndrome or inflammatory bowel syndrome
* Eating too much sugar and processed foods
*Decreased stomach acid due to stress, poor diet habits or an overall unhealthy environment. Luckily The Physique Formula Performance Enzymes include betaine HCL to rebuild your stomach acid.
*Aging generally causes lowered digestive ability.
*Overtraining/stress. Any activity such as training or living a stressful lifestyle can impair digestive health by keeping your sympathetic nervous system turned “on” and causing your “parasympathetic” relaxation system to stay “off”.

Since we normally see more parasympathetic activity during digestion, it’s an issue when we can’t turn our parasympathetic system on as we are attempting to digest.

How do I know if I need digestive enzymes?

There’s a few signs and symptoms that you can look for that leaves clues as to your need for digestive enzymes.

* Do you get bloated or gassy after eating a meal?
* Do you feel full after eating just a few bites of food?
* Do you notice food particles in your stool?
*Do you feel like you have a rock in your stomach after eating a meal?

How To Improve Digestion

For starters, grab The Physique Formula Performance Enzymes but you should also consider the following.

*Improving your sleep quality
*Switching to a Physique Formula diet approach to follow a nutrient dense low inflammation diet.
* Choose foods high in fermentable fibers as discussed here
* Effectively manage your stress.

Where do The Physique Formula Performance Enzymes come from?

Digestive enzymes generally only come from three sources, fruit (typically pineapple), plants (typically fungus) and animal (generally meat). Each enzyme class has a different level of strength ranging from the weakest, fruit enzymes to the weakest, plant based enzymes.

What separate The Physique Formula Performance Enzymes apart from others is that I added a wide spectrum of enzymes from plant based to animal based to fruit based sources in order to impact a wide variety of digestive issues. Performance Enzymes also qualifies as a multi-enzymes since I include the following classes of enzymes.

Proteases to break down and increase protein absorption.

Lipase to help break down fats.

Carbohydrates to break down carbohydrates.

Additional, since stomach acid is so vital for proper absorption, I also included betaine HCL to increase “good” stomach acid.

What’s the best way to take digestive enzymes?

Now this obviously ranges based off your personal conditions but generally speaking, just take 1-2 capsules with your meals.

The key with enzyme supplements is to find your “sweet spot”, the dosage where your conditions improve. The easiest way is to start with 1 enzyme capsule per meal then gradually move to 2 then add another and another until you see improvement. From there you would actually reduce your enzymes after your conditions improved.