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Increaing insulin sensitivity for fat loss and muscle gain - Physique Formula

Increaing insulin sensitivity for fat loss and muscle gain

by James Smith April 18, 2016

The terms insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity get thrown around online a lot these days when it comes to weight loss. No one ever stops to actually explain the difference between the terms and importance that they both play in your physique and health goals.

Your insulin health describes the balance of the hormone insulin and the role it plays in what you eat, when you eat and your overall hormonal health. Insulin, to a large degree, is a “mother” hormone of the body and it’s the first hormone that should be addressed when fat loss, muscle gain or health improvements are needed since insulin health controls your fat burning potential and energy levels.

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas after you eat any food but primarily after you eat carbohydrates. After you ingest a carbohydrate food, like sweet potatoes or even simple sugars, those carbohydrates are absorbed by the body and your blood sugar aka blood glucose, rises. Insulin is released to help your body process the blood sugar. A lean and healthy body can absorb the blood sugar into muscle cells which are then used for energy. That’s an INSULIN SENSITIVE cell. Exercise also temporarily raises your insulin sensitivity.

An overweight and unhealthy individual is less impacted by the insulin which their pancreas releases and they require more insulin to be released in order to shuttle the blood sugar into the cells. As a result, more insulin and glucose is floating around the body. As a result, insulin resistance is increased which can lead to belly fat gain, elevated cortisol, high triglyceride levels, heart disease and increased inflammation. In extreme cases, type 2 diabetes will occur.

I can’t stress enough that it’s not just carbohydrate intake that leads to insulin resistant cells. While carbohydrates are the biggest factor, any food that you eat causes a varying degree of insulin response. Whey protein being one of the foods that causes insulin release. Online bloggers will incorrectly classify whey protein with carbohydrates but they are wrong. Insulin release is a TWO stage process. Whey protein only causes stage 1 insulin release. It’s the 2nd stage of insulin release that causes fat gain.

Paleo dieters and crossfit athletes wrongly assume that high fat diets blunt the insulin response of food and they are incorrect. Each cell in the human body is comprised of two layers of fat (lipids). Depending on the type of fat that you eat, the layers are either healthy or not healthy. A healthy fat layers will be more sensitive to insulin and reduce the chances to store body fat.

The primary fats that you should eat include organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and omega-3 fish oil since they increase insulin sensitivity while boosting healthy cell activity.

Now that we have the definitions out of the way, here’s 8 tips for boosting insulin sensitivity so you can burn fat,build muscle and increase your health.

1: Exercise more, Sleep Better

I know this may seem like a cop out but I need to get this point across. Exercise is the one thing that you can do to increase your insulin sensitivity. Exercising more isn’t always the best answer, just look at the woman or man who you see on the treadmill all the time. They certainly don’t look like your ideal image because they exercise too much but an honest appraisal of your exercise quality is the best thing you can do for improving insulin sensitivity. Improving your quality of sleep by shutting all electronic devices down at 7 pm. Make sure you sleep in a cold, dark room to optimize your hormone health. Lastly, consider taking The Physique Formula Sleep Support for its combination of natural nutrients, such as Valrien Root, that research shows helps both sleep quality and sleep duration.

2: Take a high quality omega-3 fish oil.

Omega-3 fish oil not only improves insulin sensitivity but it improves cell quality and crushes carbohydrate cravings. Most fish oil brands fail on the quality front since they offer too little of the active EPA/DHA content and they do not include Vitamin E, which science shows increases fish oil absorption. The Physique Formula Super Omega-3 is extra strength and has extra Vitamin E for improved absorption and no fish oil burps.

Recommended Dose-6-12 grams per day with meals

3: Use Gymnema Sylvestre.

This herb, originally found in Gymnema, has been used in Ayurvedic cultures for centuries and recent research shows uses for Gymnema in improving insulin sensitivity. While Gymnema is a great at improving glucose tolerance, I’ve found that it works better in conjunction with a few other supplements on the list. You can get a complete insulin sensitivity support complex with The Physique Formula Glucose Support

Recommended Dose- 2 capsules twines per day with carbohydrate laden meals.

4: Fenugreek is excellent for insulin sensitivity.

Fenugreek is used to treat a variety of health issues from insulin resistance to inflammation to poor hormone function. Personally I’ve used a straight fenugreek supplement for years. A recent study on fenugreek and blood sugar control concluded that “adjunct use of fenugreek seed improves glycemic control and decreases insulin resistance.”. Good stuff

Recommended Dose Of Physique Formula Glucose Support- 2 capsules twice per day with carbohydrate laden meals.

5: Bitter melon extract is powerful for fat loss

Working similar to Gymnema Sylvesttre, bitter melon extract helps to reduce the rate at which carbohydrates hit muscle tissue. Backed by a variety of research studies, bitter melon helps to not only prevent insulin resistance but it manipulates the NF-kB pathway which is a VERY powerful pro-inflammatory signal.

Recommended Dose Of Physique Formula Glucose Support- 2 capsules twines per day with carbohydrate laden meals.

6: Up your healthy fat intake.

I discussed this concept above but I really want to emphasize the need for more healthy fat in your diet. If your goal is to build muscle and burn fat then you truly are fighting a calorie battle. You need to eat more good calories to build muscle and burn fat. It’s very easy to do that when you add a teaspoon of Shimbo’s organic extra virgin olive oil or Shimbo’s organic coconut oil in your smoothies.

Here’s a recipe that I use for individuals who suffer from insulin resistance.

1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk
1 scoop of Physique Formula Grass Fed whey
1 teaspoon of Shimbo’s organic coconut oil
2 dashes of cinnamon extract.
2 ice cups.

Blend everything until you have a smoothie and enjoy this delicious high protein, healthy fat meal.

Recommend Dose: 2 teaspoons of Shimbo’s organic extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil per day.

7: Alpha lipoic acid is one of the healthiest supplements that you can use.

Alpha lipoid acid (ALA) is a great supplement and has ton of studies that show using it increases your insulin sensitivity by allowing your cells to absorb more carbohydrates. That’s not where the benefits stop. ALA also recycles Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the body and acts as a fantastic free radical scavenger.

8: Give it time.

Improving insulin resistance is a long term approach (2-6 months). While you’ll see weight loss within the first week if you improve your diet by following a Physique Formula approach, exercising more and using Glucose Support, view your current plan as a new lifestyle. A controlled carbohydrate intake by focusing on “good” carbohydrates such as rice, oatmeal and beans while minimizing your sugar intake will allow you to take back your health and improve your physique.

James Smith
James Smith


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