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Taking Creatine Before Bed, Increasing Stomach Acid,Caffeine Post Workout,Autoimmune Adrenal Fatigue

April 30, 2018

Taking Creatine Before Bed, Increasing Stomach Acid,Caffeine Post Workout,Autoimmune Adrenal Fatigue

On this weeks Physique Formula podcast we discuss taking creatine before bed, how to increase stomach acid naturally, drinking caffeine post workout and autoimmune adrenal fatigue.


Taking Creatine Before Bed

The question was around the idea of a shift worker who was taking creatine before bed. Is it a good or bad idea? Personally I think it's fine to take creatine before bed as it doesn't really matter when you take creatine. I prefer it to be taken pre and post workout when insulin levels are high but it's not required  to truly get the most out of creatine. I actually think that there's a distinct advantage of taking creatine before bed, your brain may actually use creatine in a more efficient manner at night

Increasing Stomach Acid Naturally

Decreased stomach acid as a result of lifestyle, stress and poor nutrition can cause a variety of issues including bloating, gas and overall not digesting food properly. While The Physique Formula Performance Enzymes contain betaine HCL which itself increases stomach acid, there's also a few nutritional approaches including eating honey and drinking apple cider vinegar that can help to rebuild stomach acid. You need stomach acid for a healthy gut.  GERD or acid reflux is not a issue of too much stomach acid, it's actually too little so you want to increase your stomach acid naturally.

Caffeine Post Workout

Really interesting study that showed that consuming caffeine post workout can increase muscle glycogen storage. While we've known for years that drinking coffee or consuming caffeine pre workout can both enhance a workout and increase post exercise glycogen storage, this study discusses how post workout caffeine can increase muscle glycogen.

Autoimmune Disease Adrenal Fatigue

When you are constantly activating your immune system by consuming foods like gluten, corn, soy and diary, you also cause a constant release of cortisol. The more stress that you place on your system leads to low level autoimmune disease. As cortisol continually is released your adrenal glands and the surrounding tissues may actually be producing and using up too much cortisol which leads to a low cortisol blood test. Why is your body keep your cortisol high? Why does it want high cortisol?

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