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Figure Competition Training,HMB vs BCAAs, Male Pattern Baldness & Adrenal Health

December 14, 2016

Figure Competition Training,HMB vs BCAAs, Male Pattern Baldness & Adrenal Health

Let's answer questions about Figure Competition Training,HMB vs BCAAs, Male Pattern Baldness & Adrenal Health on today's podcast.

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Q: I see that you have Rhodiola in your Adrenal Support. Can you tell me more about rhodiola and its benefits?

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb which means it can help to normalize your homeostasis, your environment. They help your body adapt to the physical, chemicals and environmental stress of the environment around you.

If you look at old Russian texts, they have used Rhodiola for over 70 years with their athlete to fight fatigue, depression and athletic performance.

Let’s focus on the performance benefits.

Rhodiola contains a compound known as rosvin that stimulates hormone sensitive lipase, that may break down stored body fat. Research even shows that to happen when Rhodiola is combined with exercise. It was in overweight people but it does help.

The Soviets used Rhodiola to help increase red blood cells to oxygen in muscles, after all, that’s what blood dopers do, They want to delay fatigue and have more oxygen available. A study in the International Journal Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows some anti-inflammatory benefits as well in addition to improved endurance.

And this can help with chronic fatigue and increasing recovery time between exercise.

Since Rhodiola helps to normalize your body it can also help your thyroid health, cortisol and immune system as well. On the brain health front Rhodiola can also increase raw material for your serotonin and dopamine.



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  • Q: Jimmy can you describe the difference between HMB and leucine and should I take both?

    HMB vs Leucine
    Leucine is one of the three branched chain amino acids. HMB is a metabolite of leucine. So is leucine alone better than HMB alone?

    Research has shown that leucine can stimulate muscle protein synthesis 40% better than HMB alone. HMB increases MPS by 70% while leucine does so by 110%.

    There is research that shows that HMB is more effect than leucine at preventing muscle breakdown. Supplement advocate suggest that alone is research why you should purchase HMB but I am not sold on HMB alone.

    Look at it this way, maybe HMB does prevent muscle breakdown more so than leucine but muscle breakdown isn’t going to be a problem in the real world when you eat like an athlete who consistently consumes protein and calories in general.

    There is a study that does show that a newer, free salt form of HMB may significantly reduce levels of creatine kinase which is an elevate biomarker in hard training populations as well as people with cardiovascular incidents.

    Q: I’ve been going bald since 25 and I’m 28 now. I don’t want to take any prescription medication because I’ve read it will impair my testosterone. Are their natural options?

    DHT, testosterone and hair loss
    When DHT is low men lose body hair and have an impaired sex drive and sexual function. Stephen Buhner, author of The Natural Testosterone Plan For Sexual Health And Energy states that DHT has 10 times more androgen receptor uptake than testosterone and it is isn’t converted to estrogen so DHT is stronger than testosterone.

    DHT blocks aromatase inhibitor yet medical doctors often block DHT with medications to address prostate problems. Recent research shows that high levels of DHT is NOT bad for your prostate

    So if you are going bald, here’s what you need to do.

    Get a full blood panel done and look at your testosterone, free and total, DHEA, estradiol, DHT, androstenedione and progesterone

    Then thats where we kick good nutrient, high dietary fat to increase sex hormone production

    Supplement helps. Nettle root is great for unbinding testosterone and DHT from SHBG and increasing free testosterone and free DHT levels. Nettle root also shows promise for prostate health.

    Zinc glycinate,siberian ginseng and kore ginseng and magnesium all help as well as does decreasing sugar and alcohol intake.

    Q: I’m entering my first full off-season and plan to compete in 2-3 figure shows next season. Any off-season advice?

    A: Build your booty. Seriously. Figure shows these days are being judges based off your booty and your shoulders. I would prioritize your leg workout which is a no brainer but I wouldn’t make it all about squats. Focus on the flute bridges that everyone loves, the ones where 5’2 110 pound girls can use 405 for reps. Have one old school leg day with squats, deadlifts and the rest then another day where you’re performing plyometrics, single leg exercises and those glute bridges.

    If you’re going to do cardio, which you should, sprint up hill or perform 100 or 200 meter sprints. Look up Stacie Tovar, she’s a Crossfit athlete, strong powerful gluten and she does a lot of country outdoor work.



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