Why Testosterone Rises During Intermittent Fasting

Can intermittent fasting increase testosterone? Yes, during a fast our testosterone actually rises to significant levels that can lead to increased testosterone health. They aren't going to turn you into the Hulk over night but when you fast consistently combined with proper training and nutrition, the testosterone rises from fasting will give you noticeable results.

Fasting Increases LH Hormone

A short term study found that fasting increases luteinizing hormone (which is what out HE REX natural testosterone booster aims at increasing) by upwards of 67%. LH hormone health is requires for overall testosterone levels.(1)

Insulin sensitivity and testosterone

Insulin sensitivity is linked to testosterone health. The better your insulin sensitivity then the better your testosterone will be. We know that fasting improves insulin levels so this indirect approach will boost your testosterone.

Fasting, Body Fat, Testosterone

When you fast and begin to drop body fat you create a positive cycle for testosterone production. Your testosterone levels are linked to your body fat levels. The more body fat that you have the more estrogen compounds you produce and estrogen opposes testosterone. Lose body fat.

Fasting boosts adiponection

When you fast you increase the hormone adiponection and increase insulin sensitivity. This is another indirect avenue whereas fasting raises testosterone levels. (2)

Yes, fasting does raise testosterone Combine it with a solid overall diet and training plan and you’ll notice some new gains.

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