Why Keto Doesn't Work

When the mainstream media talks of the ketogenic diet, what comes to mind? Pictures of a lot of fatty foods with the recommendation of ignoring calorie counting. Granted there are so many different opinions out there about the keto diet and how one should or should not follow it but ultimately that is why the keto diet doesn’t work.


We’ve written before about what to do if you aren’t losing weight on keto or if carbs will kick you out of ketosis . Most people only follow the keto diet in name. They eat less carbs and more fat with a slight bump in protein which is why most people will tell you that the keto diet doesn’t work. It requires effort.


1) You’re not eating enough calories overall.


The early stages of the keto diet is fun. You’re generally not feeling tired since your overall caloric uptake is increased and you have more energy. After a few weeks however, those carbohydrates cravings start coming in. Most people don’t eat enough calories to sustain their daily requirements. When you’re not following a diet and you’re nibbling during the day, you’re getting these temporary bumps in your blood sugar (and the crashes that follow).


When you’re going to follow keto, you need to really pay attention to your calories or it won’t work. There are special considerations for women on the keto diet


2) You’re eating too much


Weird to have these two points back to back right?  Looking at the first few weeks on keto, you eat a lot of food and feel great but then either through a lack of diligence or life, you eat less.  If you’re struggling losing weight on the keto diet, you might want to check how much fat you’re eating. It amazes me when I get emails from people who proudly tell me their eating 200 grams of fat. I’m not sure how they estimate that number but that’s a lot regardless of diet.

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3) You’re not moving enough


Diet is only a percentage of the puzzle. You’ve got to move and I think we under estimate our needs. Lifting weight or crossfit is fantastic but it’s the none exercise activity, the daily movement, that increases our fat loss. Move more.


4) Keto is a lifestyle


If you’re going to follow a keto diet then follow a keto diet. Workout, eat a decent amount of fatty foods, eat protein at every meal, workout, move and eat some carbohydrates daily to recover from your workouts. Stick to it for a certain period of time. The commitment to keto is essential. 


I like the keto diet, just keep your caloric intake in perspective and you'll enjoy the results.