Why Is The Physique Formula Grass Fed Whey Different?

The Physique Formula Grass Fed whey protein powder is unique and different from other brands on the market.

It starts with our empty bottle, filled with just protein.

Before the bells and whistles, when it's just protein in an empty white jug.


The Physique Formula Whey Protein is 100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate from grass fed cows. This ultra filtered whey protein easily mixes for a delicious rBHG, gluten, artificial sweetener free shake.

Formulated from grass fed cows, this NON-GMO whey is high in healthy fats to boost muscle growth, increase workout recovery and provide clean fuel for your day.

Kiss gastric issues goodbye, The Physique Formula Grass Fed Whey is easily broken down to deliver a high protein burst.

100% Clean, High Quality Whey Protein: The Physique Formula has deals with the same small farms so we provide a reliable connection to a pastured raised, clean whey protein, free of toxins, gluten, soy and artificial sweeteners.

Increase Muscle & Burn Fat: Whey Protein is proven to increase muscle protein synths and reduce hunger cravings to produce along term, desirable physique.

Fuel Without Compromise: The Physique Formula Grass Fed Whey Is rBHG, gluten, artificial sweetener FREE. And NON-GMO.