Which Magnesium Is Best For Adrenal Fatigue?

We know that adrenal fatigue is a non diagnosis, low level functional condition with outward symptoms of fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, reduced athletic performance, sexual dysfunction and general feelings of not being well. Since your adrenal glands are very much a center for hormone production, any type of insufficiency seen through a variety of hormone and blood tests can give you some insight into your current condition.


Let’s not confuse that with how you feel and the body you live in each day with medical testing, we need to take both into account.


You certainly will come across a variety of tonics, claims, potions and programs that can “cure” your adrenal fatigue but my opinion is always just improve your lifestyle.


If you can exercise just enough, eat nutrient dense foods, find purpose and enjoyment and relax enough, your adrenal fatigue symptoms might subside fast. A nutrient class known as adaptogens is also helpful for adrenal fatigue


Magnesium is one of those nutrients that I often recommend since Magnesium is closely and tightly linked to your bodies stress response.(1) Chronic fatigue syndrome is very real and closely resembles adrenal fatigue. We know that any short term stress increases the demand and usage of magnesium in the body. (2)


While magnesium deficiency alone doesn’t seem to kick start adrenal fatigue, we know a lack of it doesn’t help either.(3) Magnesium is involved in over 300 different enzyme processes in the body so it's not a stretch to think that any deficiency will be problematic. 

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Magnesium improves sleep quality with recent research showing it can reduce inflammation and improve sleep performance. (4) Magnesium can increase brain function by regulating key brain receptors to support memory. (5)

Further benefits when dealing with adrenal fatigue include..

Magnesium is required for energy production and can increase physical performance and testosterone. (6)


Low magnesium levels are associated with reduced insulin sensitivity. (7)


What is the best type of magnesium to improve adrenal fatigue?


Magnesium glycinate is our recommended form for a few reasons.


Glycine, which is bonded to Physique Formula magnesium, has been shown to calm the brain.


Studies have also linked magnesium glycinate to reduced anxiety and better sleep.


Magnesium glycinate has some heart boosting benefits in addition to blood sugar control.


Being combined with glycine, absorption rates of magnesium in brain, heart and muscle tissue are higher than other forms which makes it ideal for adrenal fatigue. (8)


Magnesium is the best type for adrenal fatigue  




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