When Is The Best Time To Take BCAAS?

What is the best time to take BCAAS?  Branched Chain Amino Acids can be very helpful and beneficial for individuals looking to get lean and build muscle.  The unique advantages behind using BCAAS are numerous including


1) BCAAS act directly on muscle tissue. They do not need to be broken down or digested in the same way that a chicken breast or whey protein shake would be. As a result, muscle protein synthesis, the building of new tissue, will happen quicker. I've previously made a case to have BCAAa pre workout here


2) In the case of athletes and hard training individuals who often have leaky gut, BCAAS can increase muscle growth without digestive discomfort.

(Do BCAAS break a fast? )

3) Hydration is a big difference determinant that most athletes suffer from. Sipping The Physique Formula BCAAS during a hard training sessions or in the summer can maintain cellular hydration (it's a good way to get hydrated)  since we include the amino acid taurine that increases the volume of fluid around your cells.


So when is the best time to take BCAAS?


Ideally you would consume them 30 minutes before your training session since fatiguing muscles look to the BCAAS for energy. Not to mention that we added citrulline into the product to increase your muscular endurance.


Exercise,especially in the heat, momentarily increases gut permutability (your protective gut lining gets weaker). Pounding a protein shake or eating a high protein meal doesn’t sound too appealing.


BCAAS on the other hand, since they are absorbed at the muscle cell level. by pass out gut. You can start the recovery and muscle growth process without any digestive distress. Less muscle soreness means you can train again.


Waiting 45-60 minutes post exercise actually seems to to have a small increase in growth hormone levels. That’s not why I’m suggesting waiting, I just don’t want to disrupt your gut anymore than it already is.


Another great time to take BCAAS is also in between meals as research shows BCAA intake between whole protein feedings can maintain the spike in muscle protein synthesis. 


if you had to make me commit to one specific best time to take BCAAS then I’d say immediately post workout to halt any muscle break down and start the muscle recovery process. I especially favor BCAAS post workout on keto as ketogenic athletes tend to have impaired muscle recovery at times.