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WBFF Pro Rachel Dillion Talks Training And Diet

by James Smith September 07, 2016

WBFF Pro Rachel Dillion Talks Training And Diet

Q:Congratulations on your big win! What was the one major improvement that you made this year?
A:My biggest improvement would be my glutes and hamstrings! i worked very hard on improving them :)

Q:What's one area of your training and nutrition that you are actively trying to improve? Are you trying to recover faster? Sleep better? What's one issue that you have?
A:When it comes to nutrition, for me it is always getting all my meals in! Being busy it is easy to skip a meal! So consistency for me! When it comes to training it would be lifting HEAVIER! It is easy to get comfortable with weights so just trying to push myself to my limits!

Q: How big of an issue is under-eating to your clients?
A:Nearly 95% of my clients come to me under-eating! It is a MASSIVE issue!! This is simply due to lack of education! We are raised to think to eat next to nothing in order to 'lose weight'. Therefore educating my clients on nutrition is my #1 goal! It is so important they understand what and why they are eating certain foods!

Q:Where can we follow you online?
Instagram @racheldillonwbffpro @bodiesbyrachel
Facebook Bodies by Rachel Personal Training
Snapchat bodiesbyrachel 
Youtube Rachel Dillon WBFF Pro
Hope this is okay :)

James Smith
James Smith