Vitamin D3 With Olive Oil (Not with soybean or corn oil)

Why does The Physique Formula Vitamin D3 come with olive oil and not corn oil or soybean oil?

Simply put, by making a softgel with non-gmo extra virgin olive oil, we enhance the multiple benefits of vitamin D3. Since extra virgin olive oil is a polyphenol, it provides anti-inflammation and oxidative stress support. You can’t get these benefits when you combine vitamin d3 with soybean oil, corn oil or safflower oil.

What is vitamin D3 good for?

To summarizes the many benefits of vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 increases bone health

By improving how the gut absorbs calcium. This increases bone strength over time. Two benefits, your bones get stronger and stay stronger over time.

Vitamin D3 increases the strength of muscles.

When your body is deficient in Vitamin D3, there is a extra degree of muscle weakness that only increases with age.

Vitamin D3 increases immune system health and decreases inflammation.

We’ve discussed Vitamin D3 in our immunity boosters article. Not only does vitamin d3 reduce the severity of respiratory infections but it also increases your immune system defense against the common cold and flu.

Vitamin D3 increases oral health

Since it has anti-inflammatory benefits, vitamin D3 may also improve oral health.

Vitamin D3 improves insulin sensitivity and reduces high blood pressure and in doing so, can improve weight loss.

But why vitamin D3 with olive oil?

Vitamin D3 with olive oil may improve athletic performance and muscle repair. (1)

Regular vitamin D3 supplementation increased the thickness of muscle fibers. In addition, the vitamin D3 group, in this study, also had reduced activity of muscle damage factors. These results were only found in the Vitamin D3 plus fat group.

Soybean oil and corn oil aren’t fats, they are fatty structures. Extra virgin olive oil is a premium healthy fat.

Vitamin D3 improves testosterone in healthy men. (2)

Studies also show that Vitamin D3 improves total testosterone, bioactive testosterone and free testosterone with regular supplementation. By combining vitamin d3 with olive oil, we avoid the inflammatory issues that come with soy bean or corn oil.

Vitamin D3 and Olive oil together increase bone health. (3)

There also seems to be an additional extra benefit of using vitamin D3 with olive oil. One study in mice found an extra benefit of this combination due to reduced inflammation and oxidative stress.

Vitamin D3 is insanely healthy and helpful for you especially if it is in a extra virgin olive oil softgel.

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