Vitamin D3 Benefits For Women And Breast Health

We’ve talked about the numerous benefits of vitamin D3 for immune system health, athletic performance and why you need a vitamin d3 with olive oil , we haven’t touched upon the benefits of Vitamin D3 for female breast health.

In research there is a link between low levels of Vitamin D status and an increased risk for higher breast cancer incidences. It appears that Vitamin D may control normal breast cell growth and quite possibly could stop breast cancer cells from growing all together.

The singles easiest and best way to get your vitamin D is through a supplement. We’ve talked about it before but most vitamin D supplements on the market are in a soft gel made of corn oil or safflower oil, both which increase inflammation which is counter productive to your goals.

Instead, The Physique Formula vitamin D3 with non gmo extra virgin olive oil gives you the additional inflammatory fighting benefits from the olive oil.

It’s important to get your vitamin D status measured when you begin. It’s so common now that your general practitioner will have no problem adding this simple test onto your blood work. While a modest amount of sunlight, 15 minutes or so per day, can increase your vitamin D levels it’s not nearly as effective as a supplemental form.

When looking at the research studies, the vitamin D3 benefits for breast health are pretty impactful.

One study found that women with the highest amount of Vitamin D had a 45 percent decrease in breast cancer risk.(1)

A second study found that the higher the vitamin D levels were the better the survival rate in women with breast cancer.(2)

If you have a higher body mass index you’re at risk for a vitamin D deficiency which should give you cause to change your diet and start moving more.

A third study found that the incidences of breast cancer can be reduced by upwards of 50% with vitamin D levels greater than 32 ng/ml.  (3)

A four year trial for post menopausal women found that when females took 1100 IU’s of vitamin D per day plus an extra 1,500 mg per day of calcium, they reduce a substantial risk of all cancers. (2)

Physique Formula Vitamin D3 is all natural and a tiny softgel that delivers 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3 in non gmo extra virgin olive oil.