Tim Kennedy Acid Bath Crossfit Workout

I’m a big Tim Kennedy fan. Not because I think he’s overly cool or I wish I did some of the things he did. No. Respect for sure but I’m a fan for how he, seems to, live his life. I respect this work ethic, morals and his approach to life is inspiring.

tim kennedy acid bath workout

Specifically his workouts which he often puts online. The one that seems to get discussed the most is his “acid bath” workout. Acid refers to lactic acid or the substrate which our muscles produce during prolonged activity. It slows down muscle function and is what causes that heavy, tired feeling.

The less conditioned you are the less ability your body has to deal with lactic acid so it shuts you down. The acid bath workout is a great way to not only enhance your capacity to do more total work but a test in of itself.

“The acid bath”
Warm up:
3 Burpees
3 Push-ups
3 Get ups
3 Pull-ups
3 Toes-to-bar
1 min rest
Power test:
200m Max effort row for time
3 min recovery
15s max effort assault bike sprint for calories.
3 min recovery

The glaring issue here is that you need access to a pull up bar, rower and assault bike to do this workout to the letter and unless you are in a crossfit gym, you don’t have all those tools.

My suggestion is to swap the pull ups out for kettlebells or band rows. Swap the toes to bar out for crunches and if desired, swap the Get ups out for kettlebell swings.

If you have either a rower or assault bike then I would just do all the cardio on one implement. If you have access to neither then I would try to do the workout at a time where you can get outside and go for a run right after it.

I’m going to jump into Tim kennedy’s acid bath workout. Are you?