Tactical Games Running Workouts Inspired By Crossfit

The Tactical Games is becoming more and more popular thanks to social media and the coolness that is the event.I describe it as the Crossfit games meets tactical shooting, these Games combine strength, power and endurance with stress firing challenges. An under rated aspect of the Tactical Games is that it requires athletes to have a high degree of flexibility and mobility to fire in multiple positions.

Everytime there is a tactical games, you always see an athlete complain about the running aspect on social media. Similar to the Crossfit Games, most athletes focus on strength and power, after all it’s fun, and never concern themselves with running. 

The ones that do usually perform some type of endurance long run or a short sprint, there is no strategic aerobic system development. I’m of the opinion that Crossfit is more an endurance sport than it is a strength sport. Same with the tactical games, athletes have to compete with 15 pounds of gear on. That additional weight is going to fatigue you more than you realize if you don’t develop the aerobic metabolic pathway with these running workouts.

At the base layer, you should start doing some of these tactical weight vest workouts.

When we look at improving aerobic capacity and running endurance, we recognize three categories.

Lactate Threshold- the intensity of exercise at which lactate begins to build up in the blood faster than it can be removed

Aerobic Endurance-exercise that uses oxygen to meet energy demands. You want to adequately meet your endurance demands at a constant pace

VO2 Max- measures the balance between the supply and demand of muscles during exercise. Lactate threshold occurs sooner in under trained, less aerobically fit athletes.

We’re going to focus on 4 Crossfit inspired lactate threshold workouts for the Tactical Game athlete.

Bodyweight LT Workout
3 x 6 minutes on : 6 minutes off
700 m Run
In remaining time, perform an AMRAP of "Strict Cindy":
5 Strict pull-up
10 Push-up
15 Air squats

Train for 6 minutes and take 6 minutes as rest. 3 rounds

Heavy LT Workout
3 x 5 minutes on : 5 minutes off

Row 500m or Run 400m
In remaining time perform an AMRAP of "DT"
12 Deadlifts (70/45 kg)
9 Hang power cleans (70/45 kg)
6 Push jerks (70/45 kg)

Track LT Workout
600 meter run
300 meter jog/walk
600 meter run
Rest:30 minutes
Perform twice

100 meter sprint
300 meter jog/walk
Rest:1 minute
Perform Three times

Burpee LT
5 rounds
200 meter run
15 burpees
15 air squats
Rest:2 minutes between rounds

Start with these four workouts. I suggest 2-3 running workouts per week.