Nutrition,Thyroid, Supplements And Lean Legs

Well that's one one helluva combination is it not? What does it all have to do with you getting hotter legs?

Valid question...

I bet you didn't expect to walk down this long, windy road when you signed up for a new leg workout...

I PROMISE you'll really enjoy the results though, if you can stay with me for 5 more minutes, okay?

What We Know....

Let's get on the same page and cover some basics first..

In order to lose bodyfat, you have to do the following

  • Focus on eating quality whole foods that provide your body with real nutrients
  • Monitor your caloric intake and avoid overeating. We'll get into the science "weeds" later and talk about your macros but for now, just focus on eating whole foods and controlling your carbohydrate intake.
  • Understand that the BEST diet is one that you can follow every day without feeling deprived.

What About My Thyroid?

As a woman you likely have known someone or experienced thyroid issues at some point, specifically have an "under active" or "slow" thyroid. What's the deal with that anyway?

I've got a more complex article that I'll send you next week but in summary, everyone, including your doctor, ignores the fact and role of STRESS on your thyroid dysfunction.

ANY stress. Work, family, financial and get this, even training.

Training! Because the general assumption is that we have to train MORE and HARDER to get results.

And all of that life stress on TOP of training especially when we don't eat thyroid boosting foods like iodine, we end up with a lower thyroid that can slow our metabolism AND release MORE fat storing cortisol!

Bikini Competitor Lean Legs

Remember the bikini competitor I recommended the drop lunges to in Exercise #2? Well here's an outline of the diet I set up for her.

1) Cycle your carbohydrates between 120 grams of carbs on training day and 50 grams on non training day (don't copy that, email me to get my personalized recommendation for you)

2) Boost your omega-3 fish oil intake to 6 grams per day to improve your body's response to carbohydrates

3) Start eating more dark, leafy greens like kale to boost your intake of "detox" antioxidants.

4) Use The Physique Formula Adrenal Support to increase the recovery of your hormones from training and stress. This natural herbal complex is proven to optimize hormone recovery.

5) Don't rely on heavy amounts of cardio to lose leg fat. Instead, use this workout to increase your metabolic rate.

6) Eat 50% of your daily carbohydrates before and after training.

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