Milos Sarcev On Post Workout Carbs, Dextrose And More

Milos Sarcev, while a successful bodybuilder, has received more claim for his variety of work with professional bodybuilders in multiple capacities.

Post Workout Carbs And Dextrose

Q: I have seen in your recent interview for FLEX magazine that you recommend specific “post workout” drink that among other things (whey isolate, creatine and glutamine peptides) contains DEXTROSE? As a simple carbohydrate dextrose or any other simple sugars should be avoided by any serious bodybuilder –at least that’s what I’ve been reading in bodybuilding publications for the last 20 years?!

A: I know because I’ve been reading the same publications. Also I had discussions with many “experts” that were adamant that simple carbohydrates have no place in bodybuilders menu. While I generally wouldn’t suggest to anyone to eat abundance of simple sugars throughout a day –immediately after the workout specific simple carbohydrate –DEXTROSE (or glucose) is absolute must.

Here is the reason why. During our actual weight training session our muscle fibers are put under tremendous stress that cause our muscle cells to loose ATP storage, glycogen and amino acids. Human body would always want to be in a normal state (homeostasis) and when is affected shifts into “survival mode” where responds upon demand.

At that time (immediately after the workout) physiological preference for your body is to take care of SHOCK that just occurred (glycogen and ATP depletion as well as loss of amino acids due to micro tears of the muscle fibers induced by intense weight training session).

So your body is looking for available nutrients to replenish what was lost. What many trainees don’t realize is that window of opportunity is very narrow- maybe one hour at the most. If they don’t have nutrients available and they don’t have delivering mechanism that can transport nutrients into the cells they are missing out on what I call “Federal express of muscle building”.

Here is where DEXTROSE (or VITARGO, specific glucose polymer) comes into picture. If we mix substantial amount of dextrose/Vitargo (50-150grams depending on length and intensity of the workout, as well as muscle group trained –and estimated amount of lost glycogen) with fast absorbing whey isolate (40-60grams depending on bodyweight) and add creatine monohydrate (3-10grams) and glutamine peptides (3-20grams) we are creating muscle building environment.

Dextrose is going into our blood stream within 3 minutes and according to scientific studies reaches peak within 40 minutes (Vitargo is even faster plus have better osmolality and faster gastric emptying than dextrose). Whey isolate would deliver freeform and peptide bonded amino acids into our blood stream within 20-30 minutes…and as everybody knows by now high levels of blood sugar (glucose –same as dextrose) would cause our pancreas to release strongest anabolic and storage hormone –INSULIN.

What we have is delivering mechanism (insulin) picking up all the things available (amino acids, glucose, creatine and glutamine) and transporting them into available empty storage places (muscle cells just trained).

Wonderful thing that our body does is – it “supercompensates ” or brings more nutrients to the muscle cells than previously available which creates muscle hypertrophy (growth).
I can tell you from my personal experience and from results of many clients that I put on this regimen -–results are astonishing. Several clients gained over 15 kilograms in less than a month without increasing their percentage of bodyfat

I would encourage you and anyone else who wants to increase muscle size in short period of time to try my “Federal express system”. It is most effective way to build muscles fast.

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