Meal Prep Tips To Lose Belly Fat

#mealprepsunday is a favorite hashtag I see on Instagram on Sundays because that’s the universal day where everyone seems to prep their meals for the week. Meal prepping works because it makes eating healthy to lose body fat during a busy week easier. You just grab your plastic container and go.


If you’re following any type of macronutrient or specific diet then a single few hours prepping your meals allow you to weigh and analyze everything you eat.

Meal Prepping To Lose Belly Fat

Step One: Lay everything out on your counter


Get all of your vegetables, fruits, protein, carbs, fats and supplements on the counter. Everything that you can potentially need all week. Do you have your BCAAS and pre workout powder in separate containers? Are all your shaker cups in order?


Laying everything out at once allows you to not miss any meals. If you run out of food mid week then you’re setting yourself up for chaos and a late run to the grocery store.Grab a notebook and track everything.


Step Two: Put your protein in first


I don’t care what your protein source is. I want you to put that in your containers first. Most athletes grossly under estimate the amount of protein they really need for results and if you let them add their protein into their containers last, they’ll likely skip out on some. Cook your protein first, place it in the container first. Protein, protein, protein. Don't forget that your whey protein containers count too!


Step Three: Vegetables with every meal


No matter how old we get, it’s pretty likely that we don’t enjoy eating vegetables. I think placing your vegetables into your container that only has protein at this point will go a long way. You’ll be adding nutrient density and micronutrients into your diet while filling up your container.


Step Four: Every meal prep container doesn’t need to look the same


Way too many athletes end up adding left overs into other containers and they end up with identical containers. Your carb heavy containers should only be around your workout time. Whatever diet you’re following you need to make sure that each meal prep container represents a different part of your diet. Meal prepping is suppose to make dieting easier, I don’t want you getting out there during the work day and just eating the same thing meal after meal.