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How To Make Moist Chicken Breasts

January 17, 2019

How To Make Moist Chicken Breasts

For years I struggled with making chicken breasts that weren't dried out.  Most of the diet websites talked about either baking or grilling your chicken breasts but I always found out that they dried out too quickly. 

Like a zombie I just followed along and ate them.


Then one day I decided to throw some in my crockpot. Just for a change.

Now I needed a base, that was easy. Chicken bone broth.

But something was still missing.

One day I just decided to throw some hunks of butter...yes butter.. in with the crockpot.


After all, people put it in their coffee these days right?

The result? An insanely moist chicken breast that I actually enjoyed eating.

The key is to shred the chicken when it is still warm in the crockpot. That way it retains its flavor.

Don't be afraid to load it up with different types of spices too. 

I've found the sweet spot with cooking time to be about 2 hours on "low".