How Does Brooke Ence Train Legs? (Her Workouts And Training)

Brooke Ence is a bit of a lightening in a bottle. Not that she hasn't worked hard for what she's gotten, she clearly has. Her rise to internet super stardom has been a wild ride that saw her come from obscurity to a elite Crossfit competitor to a role in Wonder Woman and Justice League to a full fledged business woman. Largely on the tidal wave of social media which might also lend clues into how she trains her lower body.

Brooke Ence Leg Workout

Brookes never out of shape so what can we learn about how she trains her legs and lower body including what type of workouts she does?


Constant Tension

In this Instagram video, Brooke shows one and a quarter squats. 1 1/14 squats are just one full range of motion squat rep while rising partially back up then dropping again. This increases the time under tension and load on your lower body and can help you run past sticking points.



Deadlift A lot

Just deadlift. It doesn’t matter what type of deadlift it is if it’s a deficit deadlift or with a barbell or with a kettlebell or with bands. Just make sure you deadlift.


You Have To Sprint

Brooke recently did a youtube video vlog where she talked about how going to the track is the only thing that keeps her lean. I’m not sure if she meant running or specifically track sprints but either way, you have to to run in order to get lean.

Sprinting in particular is very carb dominant in terms of fuel usage while also increasing your heart rate. Distance running isn’t going to be the worst thing either. You’ll still burn excessive calories primarily from fat stores.

Make Sure You Get Single Leg Work In

Don’t ignore single leg work for developing your glutes. I particularly like lateral band or monster walks because it builds strength endurance in those harder to hit muscles.

You just get more overall tension on the muscle.

Here’s Brookes Glute Workout
Try adding these exercises to your next booty session!
• Single leg barbell RDL
• Dumbell kickback
• Lateral banded walks
• Goblet squats- pulsing




Here's a bonus leg workout Brooke posted on Instagram

Goblet squat jumps
Dumbbell Speed reverse lunge -
Seated good morning with tempo
Flute bridge with tempo
Lateral monster walks -
:30/:30 for 5 rounds of each:
Double under