How can Vitamin D3 raise low teststerone levels?

While vitamin D3 is often thought of as an immune boosting supplement that can also be helpful for women and breast cancer, there is some exciting research on how vitamin D can raise low testosterone levels.

We’ve discussed all the benefits of Vitamin D3 before, this fat based vitamin can help your body absorb minerals while also controlling cell growth and increasing immune system health. While you can get vitamin D from as little as 15 minutes per day in the sun or from foods like milk, mushrooms and fatty fishes, the most optimal way to increase your vitamin D3 is from a supplement.

What about vitamin D3 and raising low testosterone?

Testosterone is often viewed an important hormone for athletic performance and muscle mass. Testosterone increases muscle size, strength, red blood cell count, muscle tissue recovery, bone mineral density and strength as well as libido and mood in both men and women.

We all can agree that testosterone is pretty critical for anyone wanting to perform and look better. As men age, our testosterone naturally decreases but ironically, there really is no hard data on WHY it decreases. Age isn’t some magical thief that steals your testosterone daily.

No, low testosterone with age is largely a function of increased body fat, reduced activity, impaired blood sugar control, lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition and an overall lack of mental aggression and ‘being a man”.

When testosterone decreases, men experience increasingly sore muscles, reduced recovery, more injury, lack of sexual desire and reduced emotional well being.

How does vitamin D3 improve low testosterone?

One study showed a positive link between vitamin D3 levels in blood and both improved levels of total testosterone and free testosterone (the amount of testosterone that’s actually around for our body to use). (1)

When researchers looked at total testosterone, free testosterone and vitamin D3 levels it found that men with vitamin D levels above 26.5 ng/ml had 15% more vitamin D than men with low levels of testosterone. (2)

A third study concluded that vitamin D levels are a strong predictor of total testosterone. (3)

How much vitamin D3 do you need to take to raise low testosterone levels?

A 2011 study found that men who were given daily high dose vitamin D significantly increased their total testosterone from 10.7 mol/L to 13.4 mol/L . As earlier mentioned, vitamin D levels above 26.5 ng/ml seems to do the trick for boosting low testosterone.

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