Finding The Best Gluten Free Whey Protein Powder

One mistake that most supplement customers make which can derail their progress is not double checking that their whey protein powder is gluten free! Especially for those individuals with digestive problems, inflammatory conditions or  gluten allergies, you’ve got to double check that any wheat or gluten didn’t get sprinkled into your protein powder.

How To Find The Best Gluten Free Protein Powder

Why do companies add gluten to their protein powder? Especially when protein powder should literally just be protein? Gluten makes the powder taste better and more like a milkshake. It increases the thickness of the protein shake especially when it is blended with a magic bullet or another blender.

10 years ago supplement companies were looking to remove every last bit of dairy from their protein powders. It used to be hard to find a whey isolate protein but now manufacturing has gotten so good that all the dairy is removed. Enter gluten.

Shady companies want to be able to market their protein powders like they are healthy candy bars so they’ll cut any corner to have you loving the taste of whey, even when mixed with water.

Not to mention that gluten is protein. That’s right, companies can increase their protein count on the label and market it to you without telling you the extra protein comes from gluten.

This is where transparency in marketing matters. When you are looking for the best gluten free protein powder, follow these recommendations.

-The label should CLEARLY say that the protein powder is wheat, gluten and soy free. If the label doesn’t say this explicitly then you can bet there is some gluten lurking in there.

-What is the source of the protein? The Physique Formula whey protein is grass fed which further limits any shady tactics from being used and harmful ingredients added to your protein powder

-NON-GMO, organic and other verification's. To further limit the chance of gluten being added to your protein, check to make sure that your protein powder is non-gmo, organic and other numerous quality certifications (Physique Formula whey is manufactured under NSF, GMP and FDA inspected conditions). While none of these labels guarantee that your whey protein powder is gluten free, purchasing from a company that goes to this length of product quality limits the percentage of corners cut.

-Is your label complex? Listen, the longer the ingredient label the less likely I am to purchase from that brand. Plus companies will hide gluten in the product under all types of crazy names. The less on the label, the better off you are.

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