Echo Bike Interval Workouts To Burn Calories


Cardio machines have gotten really fancy. They have TV monitors, phone chargers and other gadgets to “sell” you the idea that cardio can be enjoyable and not a time suck. Largely it’s user error, most people start a cardio workout dreading it and with the assumption that it’s boring, they HAVE to do it and they are only doing it to lose fat.

They never stop to think that it’s a piece of an overall good routine. Hell even spin classes have fancy music and a party vibe to get you into the class.

Then the Schwinn Airdyne bike hit and created the Assault bike/fan bike/air bike revolution that exploded with Crossfit.

For my money, the assault bike, fan bike, air bike is the single best piece of cardio equipment anyone can have. These bikes operate with your effort, the harder you pedal and move your arms, the harder the activity is going to be and conversely then less intense you operate the less intense the activity is going to be.

Since you have to simultaneously push and pull at the same time, you’re fatiguing both your upper and lower body while challenging your cardiovascular system. This is why you see MMA athletes, crossfit athletes and tactical athletes adding assault bike workouts into their programming because it simulates intensity while pairing excellently with other high intensity weight lifting movements.

Not only is this high intensity work effective at calorie burning but it also will teach you how to operate at higher heart rate. This is critical for any athlete because the lower you can keep your heart rate and maintain that pace, the more efficient of an athlete you are.

Don’t just get stuck with the same old 20/10 on/off interval workouts. Use these assault/ air bike/ fan bike workouts to take your programming to the next level.

Workout # 1

This one comes from Crossfit athlete Danielle Brandon

16 rounds of 40 seconds on/40 off


Workout # 2 Sustained Pace

Aim for 90-100 RPM for 45 seconds. Rest 3 minutes. Perform 10 rounds

Workout # 3

This workout comes from Aerobic capacity trainer Chris Hinshaw

Assault Bike Workout (Option 1)
12 sets
20sec at fast pace (arms only),
40sec at easy pace (arms & legs),
Rest: 3min,
12 sets
15sec at faster pace (arms only),
45sec at easy pace (arms & legs),
Rest: 3min,
12 sets
10sec at fastest pace (arms only),
50sec at easy pace (arms & legs)

Workout # 4
21/15/9 calories

Short and sweet. You’ll go as hard as required to hit 21 calories in the shortest period of time. Then you’ll slowly pedal with just your legs for 2 minutes then aim to hit 15 calories and repeat until you finish the 2 minute rest after the round of 9 calories.

The assault bike/air bike/ fan bike or whatever you call it can be your best friend if you let it. Start hammering.