Crossfit Workouts And Exercises To Build Bigger Biceps And Triceps

If crossfitters don't focus on building bigger biceps and triceps like bodybuilders or functional athletes do then how come so many Crossfitters, both men and women, display impressive sets of arms? The answer is clearly found in the exercises and workouts that they do but it's not what you think.


While a physique athlete would have a dedicated day to train their arms with a variety of sets and angles, a crossfit athlete is putting constant tension and stimulus on their arms through their multiple daily workouts. Time under tension and frequency are two factors involved in muscle growth yet most people only ever focus on volume and intensity. One day where you train your arms accomplishes the volume and intensity aspect of muscle growth but ignores time under tension and frequency.


Use these 4 Crossfit workouts and exercises to build bigger biceps and triceps.

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Physique Formula Crossfit Arms

12 Minute EMOM

Kettlebell Muscle Snatch

Kettlebell reverse curls

Hand Release Push Ups ( Here's 4 Push Up Workouts To Build Chest Muscle)

Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Crossfit Arm Exercise #1 The Muscle Snatch

You'll see the muscle snatch featured heavily in all of our workouts and it specifically helps to build bigger biceps and triceps due to the sustained load it puts on your triceps. The lock out portion of the movement alone is an intense isometric contraction on your triceps. On another note, kettlebells are a fantastic way to build biceps and triceps muscle, here's 5 kettlebell muscle building workouts.

Gut Check For Time
30 Devil Press (2x50/35 lbs)
60 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x 50/35 lb)
90 Burpees (here's 5 burpee workouts to improve your conditioning)

This is a great workout to finish off a heavier session since it increases time under tension on your triceps from all the pressing.


Crossfit Arm Exercise #2: The Devil Press

I love the devil press for cardio and conditioning but it also improves your triceps muscle size. It's a burpee to a shoulder press.

Fantasy Sunday Speed

Repeat 5 times

400 meter run

10 kettlebell swings

10 dumbbell toes to overhead

10 kettlebell overhead triceps extension

60 second handstand holds (here's how to do your first handstand push up)

Crossfit Arm Exercise #3 Handstand holds

Handstand holds are a fantastic training tool to build isometric triceps strength and improve your ability to do a handstand push ups. Once you can start doing reps of handstand push ups you'll build arm and shoulder size.

24 Minute AMRAP

4 reps of L sits

8 reps of weight vest push ups (here's 5 weight vest workouts)
16 deadlifts (135/95)
12 dumbbell muscle snatches (135/96 lb)
6 Shoulder to overheads (135/95 lbs)
50 meter overhead carry (135/95 lb)

Crossfit Arm Exercise #4: L Sits

I love L sits for building triceps size and core strength as an ab exercise. Here's how to get better at doing L sits if you want to improve your pressing and triceps strength.

Add more frequency and tension into your arm training using these exercises and you'll like the benefits.