Crossfit Partner Workouts

Isn’t working out always better with friends? If nothing else, it allows you to challenge yourself knowing that you have a spotter and someone to push you. Personally, I always get more out of the workouts that I do with friends, a little competition is never a bad thing. Known as “partner WODs”, Crossfit workouts with partners consists of two or more exercises where you swap out exercises or rest as your partner trains.

Here’s our favorite 5 Crossfit Partner Workouts.

15 Minute EMOM Partner Workout

You and your partner are going to switch exercises every minute on the minute.

10 Burpees
10 Push Ups.

If you finish your set before the minute is up, use the remaining time as rest or to sip some intra workout BCAAs. Don’t worry the workout is going to build up.

One Works, One Rest

Another benefit of partner workouts is that you can rest while your partner trains. Here’s a workout that uses that as an example.

200 meter sled push
50 bodyweight lunges per leg
25 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
200 meter sled pull

6 rounds per partner.

Partner Hypertrophy

Minimizing rest and increasing intensity is a marker of hypertrophy training (in addition to smart supplementation using BCAAs, grass fed whey and good nutrition). Using this crossfit partner WOD, one partner rests while the other trains.

12 reps on every exercise then swap partners

Kettlebell Push Ups
Single arm kettlebell swings (12 rep arm)
Kettlebell squats
Jump squats
Kettlebell shoulder press
Double arm kettlebell swing

Partner Outdoor Workout

One advantage of partner workouts is that they can be done anywhere, typically I see couples training in parks. This workout is designed to help you get better outside.

1 mile run
40 bodyweight squats
30 v sit crunches
20 lunges per leg
10 push ups
1 mile run

Crossfit Partner WOD-In The Box

This burner of a workout is designed to be done in your gym. Again, your partner rests while you train.

10 Overhead squats
20 Hang Cleans
30 deadlifts
1 mile run
10 overhead squats
20 hang cleans
30 deadlifts

Partner workouts can be fun and challenge, just make sure to beat your partner!