Crossfit Open Workout 18.5 Strategy Guide

The 2018 Crossfit Open is here and with it comes a variety of workouts to challenge all levels of fitness.

One of the aspects of Crossfit that I love is the Open. Not only is it a national competition where local athletes legitimately have a shot at making the games, it also puts a cap on these athletes training year. Unlike any other type of training, Crossfit athletes work all year to bring up weaknesses and optimize strengths and now is the time where they get to see what worked and what didn’t.

Without further ado, here’s Open Workout 18.5 and how I would tackle it.

The 18.5 Open Workout Is

Mens Rx

Womens Rx

My 18.5 Open Workout Strategy To Dominate 18.5 Is…

How To Increase Your Endurance To Train Harder And Recover Faster

One of the BIGGEST strength qualities for any Crossfit Open workout in 2018 is endurance and the ability to push through a workout, regardless of the intensity or duration.

The Physique Formula BCAAs allow you to recover faster and delay fatigue WHILE you train so you can keep pushing as your muscles break down. It is artificial sweetener free and has added betaine, taurine, citrulline and glutamine.

What are the benefits of using BCAAS?

BCAAS: boost performance, decrease fatigue and muscle soreness.Hard training individuals, especially Crossfit athletes, know what it’s like when they hit a wall during their workouts due to fatigue. BCAA’s can help with fatigue management during strength training. For starters, BCAA’s are efficient energy sources during training which allows your body to maintain intra-cellular ATP for sustained training energy.

Betaine: In 2010,the University of Connecticut found that weight training individuals who took 1.25 grams of betaine twice per day increased their strength by 25 percent and power by 20 percent. That’s amazing! The researchers also noticed that betaine significantly elevated markers of muscle protein synthesis post workout.

Taurine .What makes taurine so exciting is that studies have shown it may help athletes boost their VO2 max, increase the time it took for them to reach exhaustion and improved their maximal workload.

Citrulline A 2010 study found that subjects undergoing resistance training who took citrulline malate were able to perform 50 percent more repetitions once they hit fatigue.

Glutamine: Studies show that glutamine can help to decrease leucine oxidation, essentially slowing down the speed at which your body runs through leucine.

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