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Crossfit Open 17.2 Workout Strategy Guide - Physique Formula
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Crossfit Open 17.2 Workout Strategy Guide

by James Smith March 02, 2017

Crossfit Open 17.2 Workout Strategy Guide

The 2017 Crossfit Games Open is here and that means a lot of hard training athletes are ready to push their limits, test their strengths and try to earn bragging rights at their local box for the year.

One of the aspects of Crossfit that I love is the Open. Not only is it a national competition where local athletes legitimately have a shot at making the games, it also puts a cap on these athletes training year. Unlike any other type of training, Crossfit athletes work all year to bring up weaknesses and optimize strengths and now is the time where they get to see what worked and what didn’t.

Without further ado, here’s Open Workout 17.2 and how I would tackle it.

The 17.2 Open Workout Is…

12 Minute AMRAP

2 rounds:
50ft walking lunges
16 toes to bar
8 DB power cleans

2 rounds:
50ft walking lunges
16 bar muscle ups
8 DB power cleans

Men Rx: 
50lb DB

Womens Rx:
35lb DB

My 17.2 Strategy To Dominate 17.2

  • 1: Don’t rest during the lunges
    Do not stop your momentum during the lunges. Keep a constant pace and try not to fully stand up between each reps

    2: Lunges For Time
    Now I know this sounds opposite of what I just said but use the lunges to reset yourself mentally. Just think about one foot in front of the other.

    3: Conserve your energy
    Don’t Overdo it on the bar muscle ups.
    Take your time on the bar muscle ups. Don’t go as fast as possible and use all your gas

How To Increase Your Endurance For 17.2 TODAY


    One of the BIGGEST strength qualities for any Crossfit athlete is endurance. 16.1 really pushes the endurance limit. While it's a quick workout, the more endurance you have then the quicker you'll be able to transition from movement to movement.

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    James Smith
    James Smith