Crossfit Metcon Workouts For Faster Fat Loss

Nowhere has the influence of Crossfit more aggressively infiltrated popular fitness culture than with the rise of metcon based workouts. Metabolic conditioning workouts, metcons for short, are a dynamic and intense interval based method of training for both cardiovascular and muscular gains with the most visual benefit being that it can help you lose stubborn fat fast.

Crossfit metcon workouts fat loss

Traditionally there’s been two types of training, your weight training and your traditional cardio, either sprint or long distance workout. Metcon workouts are challenging workouts done as complexes for time involving both traditional cardio and weight training. On paper this is what most people assume defines Crossfit. The biggest benefit of metcons being that these are full body intense activities that accomplish a lot in a short period of time.Generally speaking, the biggest problem with traditional cardiovascular is two fold.

1) It requires additional time spent working out on top of your weight training and most people just don’t have time for that.
2) There is an adaptive response to traditional cardio. That is, your body regulates the amount of calories it can burn during a workout and you’ll have to continue to perform more work to have the same calorie burning effect.(1)

Metcons are uniquely helpful for boosting metabolic function and calorie burning because they both pull fat into the bloodstream where it can be burned for energy (like steady state cardio) and also burns that fat for energy (like sprinting and other high intensity training does).

Not to mention that you’ll also be lifting weight which builds muscle and if you are regularly training with weight then you’ll be doing extra lifting to build more muscle.

Whatever extra cardio that you want to do, you might notice yourself enjoying it more as you don’t really need to do it to burn fat rather it’s just you getting outside in nature.

I’ve already established how metcon workouts can help you burn fat and build muscle but what are the other benefits?

You’re going to get really efficient at using your own bodyweight

Let’s face it. Most people just don’t do enough body weight training. How many guys in the gym can use 100 lb dumbbells to bench press but struggle doing 25 push ups without stopping? I’m not suggesting that one is better than the other, rather, you should train with multiple strength qualities.

Plus bodyweight movements will force you to move through a greater range of motion thus allowing you to have better joint health.

Metcon workouts are time and space efficient. If you’re in a busy gym, it’s going to be really difficult to accomplish all the pieces separately and you might not even have the space to do it.

Metabolic Conditioning workouts are just that, conditioning for your metabolic system. The healthier your cardiovascular system is, the more efficient you’ll be able to move.

Building a Metcon System For Fat Loss

There’s generally two basic types of Metcon Systems

You either train for time, to complete a specific number of sets and reps in a given workout or you have a set limit amount of work that you are trying to get done.

From there you decide on your implements, are you going to use kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bodyweight? Are you going to add running components? Do you have access to strongman tools or a assault bike?

Factor all of these in before deciding on a workout. The beauty of metcons is that you can either completely rotate and adjust them based on your goals or keep certain workouts in depending on your goals.

What Happens To My Muscle Mass With MetCon Workouts?

Nothing! You won’t lose any muscle with metcons if you’re been using bodybuilder workouts, if anything you’ll notice the muscle is more defined due to the additional metabolic work.

Here’s my personal four favorite metcon workouts using a variety of tools.

Metcon Lower Body Capacity

Goal-Increase lower body capacity and endurance

As Many Rounds As Possible For Time-10 Minutes

Bodyweight Jump Lunges-6 reps per leg
Kettlebell Swings-10 reps
Bodyweight Jump Squats-10 reps
Dumbbell Step Up-8 reps per leg
Seated V Tucks-12 reps

Metcon Upper Body Capacity
Goal-Increase upper body capacity and endurance
As Many Rounds As Possible For Time-10 Minutes
Plyo push ups- 8 reps
Burpees-6 reps
Seated Dumbbell Alternate Arm Press-12 reps per arm
Gorilla row-10 reps per arm
V Sit Ups-12 reps

Full Body Muscle MetCon

Goal-Frequency to gain muscle mass

4 Rounds With one minute rest between rounds

Standing kettlebell push press-12 reps
Kettlebell one arm swings-12 reps per side
Chin ups- max reps in one set
Seated dumbbell muscle snatch-15 reps
Standing dumbbell hammer curls-12 reps

Full Body Muscle MetCon Two

4 Rounds With one minute rest between rounds

Goal-Frequency to gain muscle mass

Bodyweight Lunges-1 minute per leg
Close Grip Push Ups-max per set
Heavy dumbbell farmers walks-30 seconds per set
Barbell Sumo Deadlift-12 reps
Dumbbell Floor Press-15 reps

You’re going to burn calories doing metcons, you’re going to get leaner. Just keep focusing and trying different routines.