Crossfit For Tactical Strength: Is Crossfit Good For The Tactical Games?

We discuss tactical training for athletes a lot on this website since we're a big fan of the Tactical Games and helping athletes condition themselves better is something we specialize in. I often hear the same questions asked almost daily.

"Is crossfit good for tactical strength?"


"Is crossfit the best way to train for the tactical games?"

I am not a Crossfit hater. For my goals, to be as lean and muscular as I can be while improving my endurance, Crossfit type training is perfect when I throw in a little bodybuilding as well.

When you look at the Tactical Games or any tactical situation such as one that a firefighter or law enforcement officer would find themselves in, you're going to identify a few key areas

  • Muscular endurance (repeated sandbag throws and farmer carries)
  • Endurance (long runs and rucks)
  • Frequent, short intense bursts

That doesn't mean that a one rep max isn't important. It is because it's the base for all of your other strength qualities.

If you want to be a tactical athlete or compete in the Tactical Games then you'll need to join a Crossfit gym unless you have access to strongman training implements, a yoke and a rope to climb.

While it makes sense to join a Crossfit gym, the best type of tactical training, in my opinion, is actually strong man training with some endurance running. While I know they don't readily mix, a solid base in strongman training is going to help you the most in the tactical games or any other type of tactical situation.

Yeah there's tire flips, truck pulls, sled dragging and Atlas stones but the main reason why strongman training is the best for any tactical competition is the improved functional movement capacity.

You have to be able to effectively move your body WITH heavy loads. So join a Crossfit gym but make sure you've got a dedicated strongman day in your training cycle.