BCAAS Intra Workout (Supplement During Workout)

Should you use BCAAs intra workout and is supplementing during a workout even a good idea? Are there any unique advantages over using BCAAS at any other time of the day?

Intra workout BCAA supplementation is an advanced but highly smart idea for athletes looking to take their power and endurance to the next level. What’s been known for years is how much a muscle fatigues during training. As you perform successive reps, you break down muscle tissue specifically the three branch chained amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine).

On face value, this fact alone makes BCAA supplementation intra workout a smart idea. Additional research has shown that using BCAAs during training can increase endurance and delay fatigue, likely by preventing muscle break down.

But there’s more. The Physique Formula BCAAs include additional amino acids to increase performance.

Citrulline is included as it helps delay the rate of perceived exertion (how hard you feel a set is) as well as improve muscular endurance.

Betaine not only increases power in exercises such as the bench press but it also increases strength endurance, you can lift a heavier weight for longer.

Taurine is included for improving cellular hydration and muscular endurance.

More reasons to use The Physique Formula BCAAS during your workout.

But if we take another angle, we look at hyperemia, increased blood flow to working muscles due to activity. You might be familiar with the “pump”, where your working muscles get swollen and temporarily bigger due to increased blood flow.

Well what could potentially happen if you flood your working muscles with BCAAS and the nutrients that I just described above? By using hyperemia during training you can shove amino acids into working tissue and “feed” your muscles while you train.

Intra workout supplementation doesn’t have to get complex.

30 minutes before a workout have a whey protein shake and if you are in a growth phase or training multiple times per day, have additional BCAAS with a carbohydrate source such as coconut water or a powder like waxy maize.

During your training, sip on another scoop of Physique Formula BCAAS in 12-16 ounces of water. The goal is to just keep amino acids flowing into your working muscles.

Lastly within 30 minutes of your workout have another protein shake to get all of your essential amino acids.

Your intra workout time frame is unique in that there are several hormone and digestive changes that occur so it only makes sense to maximize that time frame, right?

Personally I like to run before I lift weights so I’ll have a Physique Formula grass fed whey shake 30 minutes before I lift, run a few miles then have some Physique Formula BCAAS, Physique Formula creatine and coconut water to give me quick carbs and hydration.

I’ll train for 30 minutes then have a banana or another piece of fresh fruit with a second grass fed protein shake.

By using The Physique Formula BCAAS intra workout you deliver several key amino acids to working muscle tissue and potentially increase muscle growth beyond your regular training.