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JJ Watts Workout And Diet - Physique Formula
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JJ Watt Workout And Diet

by James Smith December 20, 2015

JJ Watt Workout And Diet

When video of JJ Watt jumping on a 59.5 inch box surfaced a while ago, fans and fellow athletes alike were amazed at the athleticism that he showed.What type of workout and diet would he follow that would help him get so strong?

After all, the man weighs 288 pounds. JJ Watt isn’t shy about sharing his training adventures on Instagram and he just recently released a picture of a 600 pound, parallel, back squat. The question that a lot of athletes often ask is, “how can I do that too”?

Well, here’s the answer.

For starters, you have to understand that JJ’s entire goal is to get stronger each workout. Now that won’t always be possible. If you got stronger every single workout then we’d all bench press 1000 pounds by the end of the year. That’s not the case. My point is that JJ Watt just strives to get better. When you look at his lower body training, you likely will find a wide variety of exercise variations.

Why? Because variations in exercises allow you to train hard each workout while also increasing recovery, You can’t just go into the gym and back squat every single workout. You’ll never recover properly even if you used a recovery supplement or two. Instead, if you front squat, dumbbell squat and leg press, you can progress from session to session.

His trainer recently released clips from a lower body workout online so let’s break it down.

JJ started with Safety bar box squats which is similar to the back squat but doe to the bar placement, allows the weight to further forward on the body. Your glutes and hamstrings take a beating and they’ll get stronger this way. Plus the safety squat bar takes pressure off of your low back.

JJ, in the video, then moves onto safety bar refer lunges. Doing a lunge this way places less stress on your knees. His trainer also attaches kettle bells to the bar which places more stress on the lower portion of the movement.

Next they move onto a pattern assisted kettlebell swings which works both hip movement and glute and hamstring strength. This is a fantastic mobility and flexibility exercise to loosen up the athletes hips but also serves to really help JJ get a push due to the increased glute and hamstring strength.

To finish up his lower body leg workout, JJ Watt performs prowler sprints. Going 20 yards, JJ can strengthen his lower body pushing muscles which will be very useful each play. At the end of the video he supersets the prowler pushes with more kettle bell swings.

What type of diet would JJ Watt use?

Recently a lot of media outlets have reported on JJ Watts diet. Apparently JJ was using a virtually zero carbohydrate diet while eating very low fat. JJ would report to his trainer that he had no energy to push through his workout so his trainer suggested that JJ boost his healthy fat intake while eating foods such as olive oil, coconut oil and healthy nuts.

Since JJ wasn't eating enough fat, the bump in his dietary fat intake lead to a noticeable boost in his energy levels. I personally sent JJ Watt's trainer some Shimbo's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give to JJ so I know he has access to the purist, best organic extra virgin olive oil around.

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    James Smith
    James Smith


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