6 Fat Burning Air Assault Bike Workouts From Crossfit

Almost nothing in the performance and tactical fitness world raises your heart rate as high and as fast as a assault air bike.Typically seen in the Crossfit games, the assault air bike requires you to engage both your upper and lower body with every pedal rotation. In comparison to a traditional bike, the assault air bike is a totally body workout.

To become fit, you can’t separate your endurance from your strength workout, they both need to be done together. If you can’t perform a task or lift a heavy weight with an elevated heart rate then you aren’t as fit as you should be. Aaerobic capacity builds your strength capacity. If you’re going to be training alot, we recommend you eat a high protein diet and get some good rest.

Use these 5 assault air bike workouts to increase your overall fitness and ability to perform with an elevated heart rate.


Perform 10 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. Perform 10 total sets of each.

Assault bike 10 calories
Dumbbell or kettlebell shoulder press 10 reps
Kettlebell swings or deadlifts 10 reps

Assault Bike Pressing
For time 30–20–10–5 calories/reps
Assault bike
Push Ups
Wall ball

“D Race”
5 rounds for time

15 calorie assault bike
10 burpees

“Sneak attack”
10 rounds for time
10 thrusters
10 kettlebell rows
10 calories on the assault air bike

“King Kettlebell”
5 rounds for time
15 kettlebell swings
10 lunges
15 calories assault air bike
10 push ups
15 sit ups
10 kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls

(This workout is great if you are training for the tactical games)

Using the assault air bike, you can push your cardio and sprint intensity while corresponding building your muscular endurance.