5 Dumbbell EMOM Workouts For Leg Endurance Strength


Aerobic capacity is a Crossfit originated term that decreases your overall ability to handle more aerobic work and delaying fatigue in your lower body. Crossfit is a challenging sport and often times a pure strength movement or two will be paired with some type of endurance challenge. Other times an entire event will be lower body exhausting, like the ruck at the 2021 semi-finals.

Because Crossfit will throw everything at you, you have to continually train your weaknesses and for many, it's lower body endurance strength, the ability to sustain a certain pace.

It's really easy to think that your lower body training is limited to one rep maxes in the gym and track running workouts or assault bike workouts but in reality, everything is blended together. You need to excel at both. Adding these five dumbbell emom workouts into your programming will increase your lower body endurance strength.

What's EMOM stand for?

Every Minute On The Minute. You can do that in one of two ways.

  • Perform one movement for a full minute
  • Perform a given number of reps per minute on one or multiple movements

The pace of these emom dumbbell workouts will boost your leg endurance strength by requiring a constant pace and force muscular adaptations. If your legs are having trouble recovering, check out our sore leg recovery guide.

We favor dumbbell EMOMs specifically for leg training because they require you to complete a longer range of motion.

EMOM Dumbbell Workout #1
“Zack George”

EMOM for 20 minutes

Odd minutes:20/25 calorie assault bike
Even minute: 10 wall ball shots (20/14) + 10 burpees

Lower Body EMOM Dumbbell Workout #2
EMOM for 20 minutes
Max dumbbell deadlifts
50 double unders
max dumbbell powder cleans
30 second rest

For this workout pick a reasonable weight that you can complete 8 reps. Your set is done when you’ve hit max. Keep going for 20 minute

Dumbbell EMOM Workout #3
EMOM for 20 minutes
Minute 1:20/15 calorie row
Minute 2: 20/15 wall ball shots (20/14)
Minute 3: 20/15 burpees
Minute 4: rest

Repeat 5 times

Lower Body Dumbbell EMOM Workout #4
“Swing High”

EMOM for Total Reps in 10 minutes
5 Burpees
Max Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lb)

Lower Body Dumbbell EMOM Workout #5

For as fast as possible
For Time
100 Dumbbell Thrusters (2x50/35lb)
Every minute on the minute starting at 1:00,perform
5 Dumbbell Deadlifts (2x50/35 lb)

There you have it. 5 lower body EMOM workouts to increase your overall lower body endurance.