5 Crossfit Core Exercises For Bodybuilding

I like seeing the “divide” between crossfit and bodybuilding get narrower by the years. Functional bodybuilding describes a training approach where the emphasis is both on performance and physique appeal which one can argue that everyone wants (these are the best crossfit arm workouts). Regardless of what you call it, either discipline can learn from the other and incorporate aspects of each. Personally I want to be as strong as someone 20 pounds heavier than me and just as fast and with as much endurance as someone 20 pounds lighter than me.

Here's my 5 favorite crossfit core exercises that every bodybuilder should use to not only increase their ab appearance but also their ability to train harder with heavier weight.

Ab Mat

It doesn’t matter where you get it from, the ab mat is a revolutionary piece of fitness equipment that contours to the natural low back curve of your spine. This allows you to get a slightly extended range of motion when training on the floor and stress the entire length of your abdominal wall.

Try doing a traditional crunch after you perform a few sets of squats. I bet your hip flexors will fatigue first and you won’t really feel your abs as fatigue as you would imagine. That’s because your hip flexors often take a burnt of the work load. The ab mat eliminates your hip flexor involvement.

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Partial Turkish Get Up

Listen, the turkish get up is a fantastic full body movement but in order to truly become effective at it, you need to to spend time on both the movement as well as hip mobility and shoulder stability. It’s certainly a worthwhile effort but I favor the partial turkish get up in order to the most abdominal strength and core stability right now.

Train With Kettlebells

Okay, while not a crossfit core exercise, bodybuilders should seek to add some kettlebell exercises into their overall training. By their very design, kettlebells challenge more stability and require greater core stability than dumbbells and barbells. At the very minimum, they are different and allow for improved movement. After all, if you hit sticking point in your deadlift then a kettbell swing can be a fantastic alternative. Give these 5 crossfit kettlebell workouts a try.

Toes To Bar

I know you’re thinking it because I did as well. How different is toes to bar than a straight leg raise hanging from a chin up bar? They are two different movements, one isn’t more effective than others. Toes to bars adds an increased range of motion that straight leg raises don’t. Both are effective and both should be included, perhaps as a super set.

L Sits

I love L sits (here's how to do your first L sit). Grab a pair of heavy dumbbells, kettlebells or push up bars and press your body up while locking out your elbows. This stability creating exercise is fantastic at placing your core under longer tension than a traditional plank. Not only that but you’ll also get additional triceps growth.

It doesn’t have to get complicated. Add these 5 crossfit core exercises into your routine if you are bodybuilding.