4 Best Summer Vegetables You Should Be Eating Year Round

Summer is truly my favorite time of the year. I can get out into warm water, get in the sunlight for natural vitamin D and have access to fresh summer vegetables packed with nutrients

Garden Fresh Tomatoes

I used to have a tomato garden every year with my grandparents so these days I settle for farmers markets. High in vitamins A,C and K as well as a host of B vitamins, using a summer fresh tomato is pretty easy. I prefer to chop them up and place them all over a salad. Lycopene is the big tomato nutrients that most people are aware of, it fights certain cancers and improve both heart health and skin appearance. Depending on your personal preference you can have a slice of tomato with a small piece of fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil on top for more fat and some protein, not to mention the basil health benefits.

Throughout the summer months you have access to blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. These fruits help to prevent free radical damage from intense workouts and stress as well decrease the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. I personally like take h all my berries then place them as the base layer in my oatmeal or in my protein shakes. Since berries are low in calories and carbohydrates but packed with nutrients, hard training athletes can eat them pretty liberally to help recover from a hard workout.

Okay I know that basil isn’t a summer vegetable by definition but you definitely do not want to miss out on this nutrient powerhouse that’s easy to grow yourself. Known for its detoxification and anti inflammation benefits, basil is excellent considering all you need to grow some of your own is a little outdoor space. During the summer months I make sure to clip my basil often so that it’ll grow back. I’ll typically just eat some with some tomato or freeze it and put it on a smoothie.

Avocados from California grow during summer months so now is the time to buy them. High in “good” fats that improve heart health, avocados contain a lot of potassium and vitamin B6, both which will help you recover post workout. What makes the avocado an excellent summer vegetable? The fact that they help the absorption of nutrients in green vegetables. So you get a one two punch of healthy fat and increased antioxidant absorption. Lately I’ve been putting a tablespoon of avocado in my green smoothie daily but feel free just to throw some on top of your meat or chicken.